Sunday, April 30, 2017

Meet Frann Dolls Husband Frank!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!! 

As I've mentioned in recent blog posts, I've begun to feel like I have a few too many dolls. What!? That's a preposterous notion isn't it? Is there such a thing even? Never! Hahaha. Kidding. I honestly don't really thing there is such a thing as 'too many dolls' honestly. If you have the space, the money and the access to them, you're not hurting anyone, right? It's actually not due to the space or the money that is making me feel like I have 'too many' though. Although, lets get real, space can be a problem when you have over a hundred a lot of dolls! I actually don't know how many I have, I haven't counted in a while... Teehee... No the driving force behind my feeling like perhaps I have too many is that because of that, some of them just sit and collect dust. Literally. I do try to rotate them in and out of the Doll House scenes but I do have favorites (don't tell the dolls!!) and naturally those see more 'play time' than the others. So... I've begun to try and weed some dolls out. Is it silly that I feel kind of guilty every single time I get rid of a doll? Like I am a bad 'Doll Mom' or something. Isn't that silly? I mean I know they're all just made of plastic and fluff but I get attached anyway. Such as the life of a doll fanatic huh? 

So... I started basket of dolls I wasn't totally in love with. Just set them aside at first... You know, to mull over what to do with them. I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to eBay because the parceling up and mailing always seems so difficult to me. So my thought is usually to just donate the dolls to Goodwill because nine  seven (?) times out of ten I will have gotten them at a thrift store anyway. 

One of the dolls I put in the 'pile' of possible orphans was my very first Adora doll. It wasn't that I didn't like her but I had the newer versions Adora dolls and I had to weed someone. I wasn't particularly attached to that doll and since I'd originally named her Fongtan after one of my favorite co-workers, I just stole the name and gave it to the newer Adora Doll that arrived named Jasmine. As I looked at my original Adora though, the more I looked, the more I saw why I wasn't in love with her. Because she would be much more loveable as a boy!! So, I set to work. I decided to just cut his hair myself and see how it came out. If it was horrible, I was planning to order a wig. However, much to my utter surprise and delight, I really love the way his hair came out!! 

Doll Friends meet Frank!! He has come to the Doll House to be Frann Doll's husband and fella. I decided to give him an American name to match Frann Doll's because I a terrified I'll spell his Korean name wrong every single time and I know I'll say it wrong too. I can't have that! I am so happy to have Frank because now Heather Doll and Frann Doll can go on double dates!! Fun!!

Here is the happy couple Frann and Frank. Aren't they fabulous?!?!

Here are Josh Doll and Heather Doll all ready to have a fun chat and coffee on a double date with Frank and Frann. 

Naturally they decided to go to the Sweet Shoppe for a coffee, sweets and a chat.

Say cheese!!

Time flew and soon enough Annie, who was running the Sweet Shoppe because it was Lisa Doll's day off, brought out their Bakery orders to go. 

Josh and Heather had ordered some more of the Strawberry Shortcake Josh had while they were chatting and Frann and Frank ordered a strawberry-rhubarb pie because Josh recommended them and they'd never had one before.

They had such a nice time they decided they must go on double dates more often! Frank told Josh that they would have to go out golfing because that was his favorite hobby.

Here is Heather Doll paying for Josh and Heather's part of the evening.

And here is Frann paying for her and Franks. The girls were treating for the evening because they had helped them with some studying earlier and wanted to do something nice for them. Isn't that sweet?

Naturally the boys carried the boxes because they are gentlemen.

So that wraps up the fun first double date! Everyone had so much fun!

Better run!
Till next time!