Sunday, April 30, 2017

"My Disney Girl" Doll Makeover! A New Boy Is Born!

Hi Doll Friends!

As a doll blogger, I have a bit of a compulsion... When I discover a line of 18 inch dolls I've never heard of or seen in person, I feel I must find one! Just so I can blog about it, you understand. *Giggles* 

One such doll? There was a line of dolls called the "My Disney Girl" which were apparently sold at Disney theme parks in the 1990s. At least that is what I gather after digging through Google. There really isnt' too much information out there about them. I found this post about 18 inch doll comparisons that mention them and a question about them on a forum but not much else. So I added them to my search engines on eBay. I honestly don't like the look of the most readily available one, the blonde... 

Hold the phone!! As I just googled that doll I found that these dolls are apparently still available for sale? So here is a link to a good description of her and a good photo. I don't really like the look of her though and that price almost made me pass out. This one is a little cuter and this one is actually quite pretty. This thread talks about how sometimes these dolls were handed out at fancy events and there are some great photos of little girls receiving them. (Always a fun moment!!) 

So when my search engines in eBay mined a lot of five dolls for $20 that included not only a "My Disney Girl" doll but one wholly unlike any I'd seen before with a face scult that was quite pretty and unique, I naturally snatched it up!

I brought her home and cleaned her up and she was, indeed, gorgeous. Sadly, for whatever reason, I just didn't 'connect' with her though. (Is that a strange thing to say?) I couldn't ever figure out what to name her and she started to collect dust. So, she went into the pile of dolls to be reconsidered. When I finally had my little epiphany that, from that pile, since I was casting them out, I could kind of take free reign with them and make them over as I saw fit. What did I have to lose, right? So I pulled this little beauty out and gave her a look over. It was when I pulled her hair back to see what she might look like as a boy that I knew that was it. She would make a better boy doll than a girl doll!!

So as has become my habit when I make over a girl doll into a boy, I decided to try my hand at cutting his hair myself. I have gotten more and more bold doing this. I go in thinking "If I mess up I can always buy a wig". I have observed real hair stylists and how they go about it in layers, from underneath to the top, and I just do that. I ponytail the top portions and cut from the bottom up. I cut it a bit on the long side at first because you can always trim more but you can't glue it back on and I slowly shape the hair cut. I find it much easier to do when the doll's original haircut has bangs for some reason? In any case, that is how I went about cutting this little fellas hair and, if I do say so myself, I think it turned out perfectly!!!

I am honestly so delighted with how it came out! As you'll read about in an upcoming post, I went through a bit of a 'freckle frenzy' on Friday (Hahaha. I'll have to name the blog post that!) and since I'd just cut his hair, I decided to add a few little freckles to this fella as well. 

He is just so cute!! 

So naturally I am keeping him. My whole purpose in wanting to weed out the dolls is because I didn't think it was fair to any doll to sit and collect dust in it's hair from lack of play. I mean, isn't that the saddest! To be the doll who's shelved and always observing every other doll in the room go on all the fun adventures? What kind of life is that?

So I am pretty sure this little fella will never get dust in his hair... Problem solved! Ha!

Better run get ready for church!
Have a fabulous Sunday (or whatever day you're reading this!)


  1. Haha, if you have dolls to weed out, just pack them, go to the postoffice, and buy a ticket to Korea for them. 18 inch dolls are not popular ones in Korea, but some started to be into it. I will give them out.

    1. Oh, I couldn't ever send you 'cast off' dolls that I don't care for. I love you too much and want dolls I send your way to be 'special' to us on some way. :) LOL But as I say that naturally any that of the dolls you want, you can totally have. ;) We can talk about on Saturday when we chat. :) Love you to bits friend! <3