Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Freckles Freckles Freckles in the Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!
For a long time I've wanted to try my hand at painting some freckles on a few of my dolls. I bought the correct shades of browns long ago even so I could. However, I was just too nervous about actually painting any on. What if they looked silly? However, lately I've been on a bit of a 'roll' with regards to incomplete doll projects that I've had sitting around collecting dust. I have also been emboldened by my recent decision to purge any doll that I am not enamoured with to change the 'so-so' dolls in my collection in order to make them more 'mine' or get rid of them. So... This past Friday I set to work. I honestly just sat down to 'freckle' one doll...

I started with this fella... I think he's cute but he's always had a bit of an 'odd' look to him and he was in the 'purge' pile. So who better to practice on? Right?

Here he is before I got started. I am still bothered by the weird eyeshadow but have been reticent to try and remove it because when I removed some from below his eyes, he got a bit of a yellow tint under his eyes. I started with just freckles but....

Then, after liking my results with the freckles, I decided to add some 'white' to his teeth so he'd look a bit less 'buck toothed' and to add a bit of 'darker' color to his eyebrows. He's still not my favorite doll and may very well still find a new home but I like the improvements. What do you think? Let me know in comments!

So then, I remembered I'd always wanted to add freckles to my Jon Snow doll. When I first got this doll and it started it's life in the doll house as my first inception of Lisa Doll (she since got a 'prettier doll and this one remade, obviously).There were just a few small ink stains on Jon's cheeks I wanted to cover with freckles and so... I also re-did his eyebrows! I did. I love how he came out!!

So then I went on a bit of a freckling, eyebrow painting, hair cutting, wig glueing frenzy!! These are the results... See below. I am totally out of time here this morning so I'll have to let the results speak for themselves!

Till Next Time!


  1. Usually I dislike freckles intensely, but these dolls look very cute! Plus I do collect the 21" Chatty Cathy vintage doll, and she has lots of freckles! The Canadian dolls made here in Canada actually have a different freckle pattern. I think freckles look cute on dolls. I don't know if you are able to see the Anne of Green Gables TV show in the USA. The young woman who plays Anne (Amybeth Mcnulty) has freckles put on with makeup as she doesn't have them in real life.

    1. I guess I love dolls that look 'unique' and freckles have always been, like you say, on the rare side, and so that's one thing that draws me to them. If that makes sense. I think it depends on the doll too, if freckles look 'right'. You know? I do think I'll have more freckled dolls in my doll future though because it was so much fun doing these! :)

  2. Haha, There are not many people who have freckles on the face and I think both kids and dolls with them look cute.

  3. One more, your makeover skill gets improved a lot. Boy dolls done makeover look a new line of ones.