Monday, May 29, 2017

Doll Tea Party at the Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I love tea parties, don't you? I think there is something magical about them and suspect I am not alone in this opinion since little girls have been having tea parties for their dollies since, I suspect, the very first dollies were ever made. Given all that, I've been wanting and meaning to make a Doll Tea Party in the Doll House for ever so long but sadly, until now, it's never made it off my to-do list. 

Here is the Doll House nearly ready for the Doll Tea Party! Notice the smaller table with the small china tea set? That is where the Doll's Dollies will sit. 

Naturally since it is a fancy tea party, the girls who were going to attend wanted to wear pretty dresses to the party. So they all went to the wardrobe to see what dresses they would each wear...

Frann Doll,  Prism Doll and Electra-Jan Doll were three of the attendees to the party... They decided to go ahead and start choosing what they'd wear while they were waiting for Hemalayaa Doll to arrive. 

There are so many pretty dresses to choose from!

Frann said: "Prism this dress was practically made for you!!" Prism has several cats at home and the colors were perfect so Prism agreed!

"There are two dresses I think would look great on you Electra-Jan. You choose which one you like best and I'll wear the other because I like them both equally." Frann said.

"See, aren't they both beautiful?" Frann said. 

Eletra-Jan decided on the apple dress because she liked the blue background in the fabric. Blue is her favorite color!

About that time, Hemalayaa arrived. She said "I'm sorry I am late. I couldn't decide which doll to bring. I know the American Girl Doll's are so popular but... Well... My Cabbage Patch Doll and my Care Bear are actually my favorites so, finally, I decided to bring them." 

"Oh my goodness" said Electra-Jan "I am so glad you did! My favorite doll is also my Cabbage Patch  Kid and now she won't feel like the odd-man-out at the party! Thanks so much!

As she said this, she went and got her tote-bag out of the wardrobe.

"See? Here is Hyacinthia Pammy! She is my favorite doll of all time. I kept her name from the company when I adopted her and I'll have her forever!"

Hemalayaa was relieved and happy she'd decided to bring her favorites. Prism and Frann chimed in that of course she should bring her favorite doll and bear! Not everyone has the exact same tastes afterall!

So then they set about finding Hemalayaa a dress for the party.

"This one would be perfect for you!" said Frann. Hemalayaa agreed!!

Here are all the girls with their dress selections....

And all dressed with their dolls, ready for the party.

What a beautiful table and scrumptious looking petite fours and tea sandwiches!! 

All the girls got their dollies settled at the Doll Table...

 See, even the Doll Table has treats!

What a lovely tea party...!

They all picked out the dessert they liked and had some lovely tea to go with it.

After they were all done with the tea and treats, they decided they must take a photo of themselves and their dolls in the Photo Booth.

What a great photo to remember a great party!! If you want to see video of the party, you can find it here on my YouTube channel! I had so much fun taking the photos for it and hope you had fun reading the story.

Have a peaceful and restful Memorial Day. God Bless the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free to play dolls and have tea parties.

Till Next Time!

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