Thursday, May 18, 2017

To Wig or Not To Wig, That Is The Question?

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So recently, as you know if you read this little blog regularly, I've been on a bit of a 'kick' where I am going to force myself to purge some dolls from my somewhat embarrasingly huge collection. Either that or force myself to make over whichever dolls I have that collect dust in their hair into dolls that I love too much to leave on the shelf. If that makes sense. So quite a few of my dolls have gotten makeovers into OOAK or One Of A Kind Dolls lately and I've been really having quite a bit of fun with it!

So Electra here really has always been a favorite because she is a Tolly Tot Doll and a doll named Rose was my very first 18inch doll. She was a garage sale doll but was my first 18inch doll, a gift to me from my daughter from her small collection way back when I made my very first upcycled doll clothes to use as a 'fit doll'. So even though they don't make them anymore, Tolly's will always have  a special place in my heart. I got Electra on eBay for a steal once but her hair was always a bit of a mess. 

I'd hot water dipped her hair and everything but it never sorted out the sad bushy frayed ends. I had always considered just cutting off the horrible ends but worried I'd mess up and make her worse and so she has spent her entire time in the doll house with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. However, I still loved her silver and purple hair and so I never really wanted to take the plunge and re-wig her. Until recently as I realized she hardly ever leaves the shelf or the doll rack and so it was time to do something about her hair. So, I ordered a 'white' wig (it was my mothers day gift from hubby cos he asked what I really wanted), determined to just cut off her hair and put a new wig on.

I saw in mail tracking that the wig would likely be here the next day and so I figured I'd get her out and perhaps cut her hair off so I'd be able to just put the doll wig on when it arrived. 

See? Isn't it dreadful?? There was no way she could ever wear her hair down with it looking like this. As I pulled it down, knowing I was probably going to cut it all off, I thought "Well, why not at least try to see what it looks like if I just cut off the damaged parts". So I did that...

And after I was done, I couldn't decide what I thought. Upon looking at the photos this morning (I cut her hair last night) I realize it likely needs to be 'shaped' just a bit better on the ends but... Honestly, I think she looks pretty cute like this. I am going wash it tonight and give her another hot water dip but.... I might just leave it as her hair. Like I say, I always loved the silver hair with purple highlights and so if I can manage to keep it, I likely will. What do you think? Be kind, I am not a hair stylist by any stretch of the imagination! I just tried to do what I've seen them do on my own head a hundred times... I pinned up the top portions and worked from the 'underneath' out. If that makes sense. 

All in all, I think she looks pretty cute! So let me know what you think? I'll show you how she comes out after her shampoo and hot dip too... If I don't end up using the pretty white wig on her, I am 99% certain some other doll in my collection is going to end up with it because it's super pretty too!

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. Hot water dunk + Wig shampoo and conditioner makes doll hair beautiful!!!

    1. Hi hi hi. I am so behind in answering comments... I have a finite amount of time for blogging/doll hobby and never seem to spread it out over everything as well as I should. (I tend to just want to plow plow plow ahead on writing it and neglect other things! Oy!) Anyhoo, I have had great success with hot water dunks in the past too! But this little gals hair ended up looking almost worse afterwards? I think the 'frizz' at the bottom had made it look like she had more hair than she really did but she must've lost a lot in past to brushing hard. (No judging on kids brushing doll hair roughly, it's how you learn and they are play-things afterall!) So I ultimately ended up re-wigging her. I love how she came out. Here is the address to the blog post I wrote about it if you haven't seen it.
      You'll have to copy/paste because I can't embed linkies here in comments. (at least I don't know how)

      Link address:

      Thanks again for comment and also I love your Google name! Trailer Park Couture is awesome. I love plays on words.