Sunday, May 7, 2017

Calla's Big Day!! Doll Photography for YouTube!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in my most recent blog post, I started a YouTube channel for the blog. All of the videos I've posted so far are from photos I'd already taken. So when I took them I didn't take them with the mind of YouTube but more just a photo shoot if you will. Meaning I took less 'frames' or photos for them than I would've if I would've been thinking of a 'movie'. If that makes sense...

So this weekend I did a photo shoot with the thought of a 'movie' being made of the photos on YouTube. I had lots of fun doing them... My husband even said "It looks like you're having a lot of fun!" as I went about it. So these are some of the photos from the session. I didn't post them all because, as I recall, I think there were about 35 photos total. If you'd like to see them all, the video just posted on YouTube (after taking like half a day to upload!) and you can find it here:

Calla's Big Day

Calla before she woke up...

Morning Calla!

?What to wear? What to wear?!"

This blue shirt is cute.

Outfit all picked out!

Don't forget your wallet!

"I better get a bit of breakfast before I go out so I don't eat too many sweets at the Sweet Shoppe!"

'I'll set my bag here on the chair to make sure I don't forget it!"

"Yum! Don't you love fried eggs?"

Brushing your teeth after meals is so important!!

'Time to go or I'll be late!"

"Hi Paul!! So nice of you to meet up with me! I've wanted to ask you about this passage of scripture! Lets get some warm drinks and a donut and talk about it!"

"Everything is good here! So hard to choose what to get to drink,"

"My treat since you're so nice to have met with me to discuss"

"Our drinks! They look so yummy!"

"Bottoms up!"

"Donuts and coffee are so delish, am I right?"

"I brought my book about the Gospel of John in hopes that it would help..."

"I hadn't ever looked at that scripture just that way before! Thanks so much! It's so good to be able to discuss it."

Time has flown by as it always does...!! What a fun day!!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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