Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Dresser In The Doll House Bedroom!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!! 

I suppose that all houses are a continual process of upgrading as you find items that are more suitable for each room as opportunity and funds become available. I am finding it much the same in the Doll House. I'll think that a room or a scene looks 'just perfect' as it is and that there isn't a thing you'd change or nearly nothing... Until you stumble on a new piece of furniture that, once you add it or change it out with an existing piece, you think yet again "Ok, now it's perfect." 

So I thought my little Doll House bedroom was pretty perfect as I had set it up... I had the amazing wardrobe that I'd gotten from Frann and when she sent me the beautiful furniture she sent two 'dressers' along with it but I ended up using them in the doll kitchen as 'counters' because they are pretty perfect as that too. So... The dresser I had in the bedroom was pretty perfect in scale and style and the 'mirror' (I think it is supposed to be a picture frame) I found separately fit it nearly perfectly too. So I wasn't looking for an upgrade or a new one in any way at all. Untill...

I was in Goodwill this week and my eyes landed on this adorable little doll sized dresser! The wood color was nearly exactly the same as the furniture that Frann had sent! I also loved the style of the dresser as I have always admired 'real' ones in this style. It's almost like it has a built in jewelry box with those two cute little drawers on the top where you can store all your treasures. 

What do you think? Isn't it perfect? My only moment of pause was that I really liked the look of the 'mirror' on the other 'dresser'. I'll just have figure out some other good place for it to 'live' in the Doll House because this dresser literally looks like it was made to go with the wardrobe here, don't you agree? Just perfect. (This time I might even mean it... hahaha)

Better run!

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