Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Beautiful 18inch Doll Furniture From Russia With Love!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As I told you about in a recent posting, I recently got an amazing gift of doll furniture from my wonderful and generous friend Frann. In that post, I showed you the wardrobe, bed and fireplace... All exquisite pieces!! Well... Frann had told me that those were only the first ones to arrive and more was on the way... 

I got the last three pieces on Friday! I plan to do a proper "review" soon to show you the amazing and top notch notch details of these amazing, heirloom quality items. The artistic woodworking genius who makes them has an Etsy shop and I want to contact him for more details before I do that in depth blog... But for now know that they are amazing items! 

This is how they arrive... All shrink wrapped to keep them from getting damaged. He packs them in custom cut pieces of foam sheeting and they come all the way from Russia in perfect shape. Amazing really...!

Here is Jaxcine posing with two of the new items and the fireplace... Aren't they amazing!!!

Here is Lauren in a room with all the new pieces... As you can see, there is a large china cabinet with glass, a low-sideboard/bookcase with glass and a gorgeous dresser/cabinet with three drawers. I love them all! The glass is real! So many beautiful details! 

The girls all decided they needed to have a tea party in the fancy new parlor!! 

Thanks so much Frann!! I love love love all of them! And I love you to bits! 

Will be back soon with proper review and info on how to buy your own amazing doll furniture from Russia (with love!). I love the story of the artisan who makes them all... And am sure you will too. So stay tuned!

Till then!


  1. Hello Heather! The doll furniture is amazing, and I look forward to hearing the story of it all. I love doll props as much as I love the dolls. I'll try to comment often here, now that I've found your blog again. I also have a blog; come and visit when you have time!

  2. Mind like a Sieve is the name of my doll blog. LOL

  3. I love the furniture and how you put your room together. Thank you for sharing.