Thursday, September 8, 2016

Out and About At Shops With Doll Eyes

Hi Doll Friends!

I am in a lot of doll groups on Facebook. In the groups we often refer to looking around at stores (both thrift and regular) with "doll eyes". What we mean is to keep our eyes open to doll sized items for our doll houses... A few things I've seen lately?

This awesome (operational!) corn popping "cart". I deliberated for like 20mins with myself on this one. It is SO cute. But I'd have to store it... And it was pretty big item. So I forced myself to put it back on shelf. Painful!!

This one was hard to leave too but ultimately I did. It would've been perfect for dolls but again, it was a bit item and all this stuff needs to be stored somewhere! 

I saw this in Walmart... I am not entirely sure if they would fit around a dolls head? I might buy some at some point and try them. Even if you have to cut the back open and adding a string, for the price it's pretty good. 

I decided not to buy this one... Again, very hard! But I really only wanted the smores and sticks... Maybe someday. 

Then I went by Target to see the new stuff... Had heard new items had been released and decided I had to just go check them out.

I wanted this doll! But I didn't buy her because I decided what I really loved about her was her accessories I really wanted... $30 is a bit much for them. I have lots of dolls and so have decided to get much more choosey about which dolls to buy. 

The small dolls have a lot of great stuff!

The accessorize sets are so stinking cute... I decided I had to buy this one. It was on sale for $14.99 ($2 off reg price). I needed those little cookies in the domed plate. Needed them. Really.

This is adorable... Love the ice cream sammich's!!

This is sweet but I have several of the components already.

This was one of the more expensive sets. Very very cute!

The little pets are cute... 

This was on spot for the kitchen... It's actually like $44 on sale. Super cute. I love the ironing board. Haha.

The kitchen is super cute. So many cute accessories!!

Well, that's it for doll finds out and about town... What great doll items have you found lately?



  1. We have the OG kitchen here, but nothing of the other sets you've shown, wow what variety. Maybe we'll get them in a few years time (Austalia). I love the air hockey set, ive managed to get a pool table that looks about the same size, and I understand about the size issue, hmm maybe I need to think about making another doll house. I wonder if the next room could sneakily become doll room number 2.

    1. Hi hi! SOOOO behind in answering comments. I've regretted more than once not buying both the popcorn maker and the air hockey table... But then I bump into the "Where am I gonna store it" issue and I recall why I left them. I need to build a shed or something to store all my 'less often' used doll items and then I could have oodles more. Haha. And just pull them out seasonally or something... I recently got a juke box that I am cleaning up and so obviously sometimes I can't pass up stuff.... haha. :)

  2. Hi! Heather, you have such a international followers including me. I'd like to welcome Kaf instead of you.
    Dolls eyes are a kind of highly contagious. Everytime I visit some stores and malls, I also look for doll items.
    Buying several items, I just keep them in closet. haha.

    1. THANKS FRANN! I am so bad about answering comments in a timely fashion because it's really hard to do from my phone for some reason...? So thanks for welcoming!! It's so nice having help! XXOO

  3. The OG items are wonderful. I kept seeing them on the FB groups, and then yesterday yay!!!! I found most of them at a toy store in downtown Vancouver. Unbelievable! I took lots of photos. It felt like I was in a dream. I bought the garden set. It's too cute. Up here it was $25 Cdn and with tax that was $28.

    1. They really are super cute... Hard not to throw caution to the four winds and just snatch up one (or two!) of everything and run off to the cash till... "We can live on peanut butter and jelly!!" hahaha.