Monday, July 18, 2016

Journey Girls Go To New York! New Release At TRU!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Oh my goodness! I guess I knew Journey Girl comes out with a new "destination" for the dolls ensembles to be geared towards with each new release. There's been a few, London and Paris stand out in my mind. Perhaps more? Surely... Now I am curious and will have to research it.

So the new "destination" is New York City. I was surprised by how much this made me happy. I love the good ol' USofA so much and she is in a bit of trouble lately... So much derision! So it makes me happy that Journey Girls are traveling to the Big Apple right here in the United States this time. 

Here is the box of the new Chavonne! Notice anything about her? That's right! She's got long hair! Isn't it pretty?

I am absolutely in love with her! (Now you hush, I know I say that about all the dolls but it's so true every time! LOL!) Journey Girl Face sculpts are done (as far as I know) by LOTUS. They (LOTUS) also make doll sculpts for other Doll companies. 

For instance, Frann Doll (seated) is a LOTUS sculpt. (Hence her being gorgeous!) So I love the sculpts! There is one I've wanted from the Newberry Line

 a while now but it's only sold in Canada! What?! How is that fair? Right? 

So anyway... I may have mentioned it was my anniversary recently. My husband and I have been married 25 years! So we couldn't set up a vacation to celebrate until this weekend. So I am on vacation as I type this... I am working three hours a day both Thursday and Friday next week but otherwise off till a week from Monday! Bliss! So I mention it because I said to my husband "TRU came out with a gorgeous doll in their new release..." And without missing a beat he said "Go buy her." 

So guess who is on her way to my house?

That's right... The new Chavonne. However, I think, in the doll house, she will be called Hemalayaa. After one of my favorite yoga instructors! 

Do you agree with me she is perfect? I think she is. 

Better run!
Till next time!

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