Saturday, July 9, 2016

American Girl Doll Knecklace Project!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Doll accessories and jewelry are crazy expensive and kind of hard to find... Especially cute and original ones!! So... I decided to make some of my own!

I got the idea in my head when I found these charms at Micheal's (I think? Hobby Lobby?) that were perfectly doll sized! I couldn't figure out a 'chain' though so they kind of sat in a drawer for a few months... Until about a month ago at a Garage Sale I found this nylon cord. Perfect!! So my dolly knecklaces all cost me less than $4.00 and I still have more charms to make knecklaces for other dollies too! Awesomeness! I simply strung the charms on the cord and knotted in back. You have to untie them to remove but it's not that hard... I imagine they make actual 'clasps' but this works too. 

I will be looking for more doll sized charms in future! 

I just love that Diane and Lilly doll have nearly same knecklace. It makes me smile. Because Lilly, in real life, is named after Diane in real life. (Her name is Lilly Diane). 

That's it for now... 
Till next time!

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