Friday, July 8, 2016

Madame Alexander Calla Makeover! Becomes Twin To Doll For Frann!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Recently I did a makeover on a Madame Alexander doll. I was so pleased with how she came out that I went to eBay and picked out a few more wigs with another doll in mind... 

I'd long played with idea of re-wigging my daughters first Madame Alexander named Calla... Calla, being my daughters first "ever" 18inch doll that she got when she was four, had "earned her doll stripes" in the play department. When we got her, I knew nothing about how to properly care for doll hair and so her hair had been brushed roughly with wrong manner of brush... A lot! 

Here is Calla standing with the Madame Alexander doll I recently re-wigged. 

As you can see, that doll had the exact same hair style as Calla did before, just a slightly less pale blonde. 

My original idea was to re-wig Calla with a pale blonde wig so her look wouldn't be too drastically altered... 

Here is an old photo of my daughters first three 18in dolls "napping" in her bed. See? Even before I really got "in" to collecting dolls, I couldn't help but photograph them when I thought they were cute. What's funny is there is an OurGen doll in the photo but we don't have that one anymore...? Think I recall gifting it to one of Lils friends who *gasp* didn't have any dolls but don't recall much else about her? To Callas left is Shuri, my daughters second MA doll. She got them at same time really because I bought first as gift before Christmas and then when I went back they'd marked them half off and so I got Calla a "friend". Even then I couldn't resist a doll on sale! Haha. 

Anyway, so as I was photographing Calla with the recently made over MA, it struck me how much alike their faces were. I mean, naturally they have same face sculpt... But their eyes and complexion were also nearly identical. Then... A lightbulb went off in my head! Twins! I could make them twins! 

First I went and asked dear daughter if she'd mind if I altered Calla's look? She had a moment of pause but I assured her it was exactly because I cherished Calla (she was the first!) that I wanted to give her a special makeover... I had a great idea of what I was going to do with her "twin" once I got Calla made over!!

So off with her hair! Always a bit nerve wracking even though I know she will look fantastic when I am done... Then I put on the glue... Just squeezed it on her head like ketchup on a hotdog, see? 

Then spread it all over her head, covering her whole scalp line. As you can see, she had quite a bit of stubble on her head before I added glue but it all gets glued in and hidden by wig and it's not that big a deal.  

Calla was a bit nervous too but other MA reassured her all would be well soon!

And here they are!! Calla is on the right! I tell you because they look exactly the same, right?! I dressed them in twin outfits I got off eBay. My original idea was to have twin outfits so my dolls could do "twin days" in the doll house... You know, so like Heather Doll and Frann Doll could be "twins" for a day in their outfit choices. Which I still plan to do... Just explaining why I bought two of same outfit. Haha. 

So... Why do I keep referring to the recent makeover MA doll with no name? Because my idea was that I would name her Calla as well!! In order to send her across the world to live in Frann's house! 

She is on her way there now, in fact! Traveling via the USPS! The MOMENT I saw the "twin" in them, I knew I had to do it... I wanted it to be a surprise when Frann opens Calla... But then decided I could surprise her here just as easily because she reads my blog! (Hi Frann!! ❤️) This way I could explain the whole thing before she gets her! Cos that is what I would want to do if I delivered Calla in person! After the makeover, both dolls look strikingly similar to what my daughter looks like now! Same sort of haircut... So it's kind of like there are three reasons Calla is significant. 1) she was daughters first doll 2) she now looks a lot like daughter and 3) they are the only two Madame Alexander dolls in all the world with their "look" and now Frann and I will both have one. How fun is that? I sent a few other outfits along that I have "copies" of so we could dress them the same sometimes as we "play dolls together in virtual-land"! I am smiling just thinking of it... It's so lovely to have a doll friend to share things with! I love you Frann!! 

Can't wait till Calla makes it to your house... I hope you love her as much as I do! 

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. Oh! Heather, sorry not to read your post carefully. I got to know why you did makeover for two dolls right now. I cannot show my feeing by words. Hugging. I was noticed that your parcel departed from the warehouse yesterday. I am really exited to wait for her.

    1. Hi lovely friend!! I am eternally behind on responding to your sweet comments because I always chat with you on private message. But I read them all and will attempt to get better at responding here too! ❤️❤️❤️