Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Madame Alexander 18 Inch Doll Makeover Or Dolly Gets A New Wig

Hi Doll Friends!

One more post before I get ready for church... Ever notice I go in spurts? Haha! I told myself I'd write until 4pm and it's 3:59pm but now I've started, I might as well finish... Right?

It's been about a year ago that I found a Madame Alexander Doll at a Garage Sale for $1.00. I liked her well enough but already having two other blonde M.A. dolls, she just never saw much 'photo time', mostly just sitting collecting dust. 

So as I was sorting through my dolls trying to decide which I really really loved (which, lets get real, is like 90% of them but...) and if she was one of them. Then I thought... "Hmmm... Wonder if she would look better with different hair?"

Since I was thinking I'd list her on eBay for next to nothing... I decided "Why not try a new wig on her?"

I absolutely LOVE the way she came out! Isn't she pretty!!

Ok! I have to run!!

Isn't it amazing the difference a wig can make??

Till next time!


  1. Yes. yes. Amazing. Hair makes people look different, and changing hair made the doll totally new one. I guess she is the same girl that I bought on eBay in order to have the same Heather doll as yours. Heather doll doesn't have the bangs but my one has. I realized that they are a little different, but it's OK because they are similar. I haven't done anything for her due to tight time schedule so far. Fortunately, you sent lots of clothes for 18 inch dolls. I will put them on my gils next week.

    1. I love your dolls! Looking forward to chatting!! There are several blonde Madame Alexander styles. We also have a pale blonde with bangs named Calla which was Lils very first MA doll. She's a bit "loose" in her limbs because she got carried a lot of places once upon a time. I kind of plan to re-wig her but haven't had heart to cut off her hair... Yet... I probably will soon enough. 😀

  2. She looks lovely with her new wig! May I ask how you removed her rooted hair?

    1. I just cut it off as closely to the "roots" as possible. I've done quite a few now and you get a sense of good way to cut it off. Generally dolls have "seams" of hair plugs. I just hold then hair in sections as I cut it as close as possible to "root". It doesn't have to be totally bald before you glue on new wig... I mean, trim as much as you can! I do it right over a lined waste paper basket and then immediately bag it up so that loose hairs don't get everywhere! I take a hand held Vacuume to the dolls scalp to make sure it's all off that's cut... I have to confess, about half my re-wigs still need to be glued on. As an adult collector I am not gonna yank them off but that way I can change my mind later. Haha. I have changed around a wig or two so it's worked out well. LOL

    2. PS I have three of this wig... I find it for like $6 on eBay and have hard time not snatching it up! On different dolls it looks totally different though so it's ok.'