Wednesday, June 29, 2016

HeartForHeart Doll Shoes On Ebay!

Hi Doll Friends!

Do you ever go with a hunch and it pays off?

I've seen these "16inch Disney Doll" shoes on eBay for a while... Wondered if they'd fit other doll feet? Decided to bid on them on a lark to see... Well!! They fit HeartForHeart dolls!! Almost perfectly!! I am so stoked!!

My HeartForHeart Dolls run around with no shoes all the time because most of them came to me 2nd hand and shoeless as the day they were born. (Haha) So I ordered another pink flats and a cute pair of tennis shoes and will order more when I haven't been spending too much again. Teehee Went on a bit of an eBay doll clothes buying spree recently as you may have noticed... Haha.

Aren't they adorable?? I know the pink shoes and the brown boots totally do not go with the outfits the dolls wearing them have on... But I was just throwing them on to show you how well they fit! 

I forgot to post the photo of the auction listing so you can see it to find them yourself... I'll post in a minute from my phone! 

Here are listings for the shoes so you'll know what to search for:

Those were auction but they had BuyItNow for them too and that is how I bought the next pink flats and the tennis shoes:

Better run!
Till next time!

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