Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More Pretty eBay Dresses For About A Dollar!!

Greetings Doll Friends!!!

As I've mentioned in previous posts here and here and here in the past, you can often find 18 inch doll dresses on eBay for about a $1.00 each including shipping if you know what you're looking for. I hadn't browsed in a while and when I did recently, there were a few styles of dresses I'd not seen before. Fun!!

So following my regular routine of how I get dressses so inexpensively, I bid on a lot of them and ended up with a few at great prices. Crazy how sometimes you can get a dress for about a dollar and the next minute the same dress will sell for like $4.00 or more! Oftentimes you can find the exact same dresses or outfits on Amazon for around $10.00 too so it just goes to show that you should always dig for the best deal!

The burgandy dress Beth (Gotz) is wearing above was only like 26cents!! It's really pretty!! I have a pink version of the blue one and was stoked to get another in blue. 

There are several prints of both this sleeveless 'mermaid' hem dress (I think that's what it's called?) and the long sleeved version that could also be used as a nightgown I think. These styles both have zippered closures in back which I love, especially in silky material because velcro snags it and ruins it eventually... They are made really well especially considering the price!!

When the pretty dresses arrived the girls couldn't wait to try them on and have a tea party!!

Again, I need to iron... 

Here they all are, having tea!

Noel (My Life As) decided to run and try on the pink one to go with Cat's (LOTUS) blue one. This dress has a veclro closure... Still, it's super cute on. 

As you can see, I paid around a $1.00 to $1.25 for each of them, including shipping! So totally amazing!!

I also bought a few of these body suits (above) which are like leotards (I had to put some pants on her! Modesty!) 

I also got this great "SuperGirl" Dress... Although, as you can see, the S is on backwards and then the sticker came off all together!! Oy! Luckily, at least, the dress wasn't damaged by the sticker so I plan to find another S for Superman to put on there. I got the BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) because both of these dolls are Doppleganger dolls of friends of mine who are in the US Army. So I had to have uniforms for them!

Here is a photo of my last round of inexpensive eBay dresses... I am getting quite a collection! So... Go look for some dresses on eBay for your dollies! You're bound to find something cute and for a great price if you just look!

Till next time!

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