Thursday, June 30, 2016

Children of America Doll 14 inch Doll Ashley

Hi Doll Friends,

Just found this in drafts.... I guess I never finished this post because I was disappointed in the purchase. I thought I ordered the newer COAD Ashley off of Amazon. 

See? Isn't she cute? COAD Dolls were updated from their originals and I wanted a second release version to review... 

SEE? The photo shows the newer Ashley!

But this is who showed up. I don't think she's very pretty and her hair is downright creepy...

So that is as far as I got with this blog back in September of 2015... I still have her, in her original clothes just sitting on a shelf. I need to do a better review of her or something but I was so bummed that I felt I got the 'wrong doll' that I just never did much with her after I got her.

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. Just out of curiousity...why didn't you return the doll? I would have been really disappointed had I been in your situation, and that doll would have gone back immediately! Then again, maybe you'll grow to love her?

    1. Normally I would've but we were (at the time) in middle of moving (both selling and buying a house) and I just didn't take the time. I am playing with idea of re-wiggling her with a wig I have on hand in hopes of liking her better. LOL I think she actually had the same face mold as the newer version but that yellow hair (cos it's more yellow than blonde) is just a bad color. At least I don't care for it.