Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Evergreen Suede Reflections House Flag As Background For Dolls

Hi Doll Friends!

I recently found this decorative 'house flag' at a garage sale, new in package, for a dollar. Upon glancing at it, I thought "Well, that's pretty... I wonder if it would work as a 'background' for the dolls?" and so I plunked down my dollar and brought it home. Sometimes, hunches work I guess because take a look at this!

Isn't it great!! I need to iron out the wrinkles because they are the only thing that makes it look less realistic really, I think. I put the chairs in photo with Frann to add visual interest and depth. I think that my carpet makes pretty ok 'sand' too! So glad I bought it! 

Side Note: I am telling you, when you find as good as deals as you can find at Garage Sales if you only take the time to go look, it's pretty hard not to over-accumulate all manner of things in your house or Doll House. So I oftentimes will look at something and think "Oh, this might work for this-that-the-other" but have to really think it over quicky because the trick to finding deals at G.Sales is hitting a lot of them. So... If you only knew the treasures I leave behind all the time you'd be proud of me for not being on the Hoarder's show! Seriously. Seriously. Haha.

Here is the package insert with the product information. When I grabbed it I noted that it said it was 'two sided' and I assumed that meant that it had same picture on both sides so that you could hang flag and it'd be pretty and bright on each side... I was wrong!! It has a totally different picture on the other side!! An awesome one for another background! I am so stoked. Living in the smack dab middle of the United States, you don't have much opportunity to take dolls out to the coast and take photos so, perfect!! 

Here is Rosanna (Journey Girl) posing with the other side. Yes! I know I need to iron the flag because the fold marks detract from the realism of the background but... Isn't it pretty!!

I personally have a dislike for birds really... I mean, as long as the stay up in the sky and keep to themselves, we are fine. When they are above me in the sky though, like they were above Rosanna's head up in the photo, yeah, well, they give me the creeps. I guess watching 'The Birds' as a teenager scarred me for life? So... I think I will be cropping them out of the photos when I take them with that side of the flag. I just put a standard curtain rod through the opening where the flag pole is supposed to go and hung it over the edge of my other cardboard backgrounds and it worked like a charm. 

I looked at Amazon to see if there were other flags that would work for this application but, interestingly enough, while there were a few, I might have been lucky enough to get the one that is the best of all of them available!! You can find the one I got here on Amazon although naturally it's not at a Garage Sale price and is about $15. when I am posting this. I thought that this pumpkin one was cute but it's more expensive for some reason? Perhaps this beach scene one might work? I plan on starting to look at the area in Goodwill where I've seen decorative flags in the past every time I go. What I love about the idea is that a flag takes up even less space than a cardboard background and will be super portable if I want to take them outside or whatever. Love it! 

Well, I better hush and get my day started... 
Hope this finds you enjoying a lovely mid-Summer day!

Till Next time!


  1. Love the flag idea for backgrounds! I'm up for anything that doesn't take up a lot of room since space is at a premium at my house. I'm glad you got the beach scenes...we live only 1 1/2 hours from the west coast so we can visit the beach anytime. Hearing the waves crash and walking barefoot in the sand...there's nothing else like it!

    1. Thanks! I am pleased with how it looks for sure! How lovely to live close to the beach. When I was in my early twenties we lived in Hawaii and so I love the sound of the waves. Not much for the sun and sand (I am pale!) but loved to bring my beach umbrella to beach, lay on huge towel and read. Aaaah, that sounds good right about now! :)