Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vintage Mattel Emotions Cameo Body Transplant!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I did a doll body transplant this morning! I've always loved this vintage Mattel Emotions Cameo Doll's face but her body was weird and never worked for photos etc... Still, I kept her cos she was so pretty and also because I named her Diane after my Mom. Since I did that, I've mostly gotten away from buying vintage dolls and have zero'd in on the 14 to 18 inch variety. It looks like I never gave her a proper review but you'll see in the photo's below what I mean by her having a weird body. She was 20inches tall and so always a tiny bit too tall for all the doll outfits I own and also she had those fabric legs that are impossible to stand on... Still... I was attached to her beautiful face because she does remind me of my beautiful Mom Diane. 

Then, yesterday as I was weeding out my dolls I finally decided to get rid of the first Our Generation Doll I ever re-wigged (first doll I ever rewigged now I mention it). I've since learned that when it comes to wigs, you get what you pay for!! So her wig was lame

Then, as I glance at her in the Goodwill box (cos lets get real, it's not even worth it to eBay her with that dreadful hair!) I had one of those "light bulb goes on" moments and think "one doll who's body I don't like and one doll with a head/hair I don't like... Wait...!" 

So I made a whole new doll with the parts I loved!

 When I got the heads off, I found that the older doll had a strange plastic 'neck' coming out of her head... So I just removed a bit of the stuffing from the OG body to accomidate for the space it took up. I actually think that little bit of 'neck' makes her head more sturdy so I don't mind. Then I put a bit of extra stuffing in the old body before I put the OG head on it so it'd fit better...

I plan to donate the "soft vintage body with OG head" to Goodwill. Perhaps it'd make a good doll for a little girl who wants to sleep with an 18inch doll because the body is softer? Who knows... I'll let the next owner decide that. (I'll put a dress on her before she goes out the door)

See how the legs were longer and soft so she couldn't stand up at all, even with a stand really... Lame!

I just put in new zip ties in the necks... I wish I could find a place that sold zip ties with a smaller 'notch' but when the hair is down, you don't really notice anyway...

All stitched up!

 I am totally stoked with how she came out!  I know her face complexion and the body complexion aren't perfect but I still love her. 

Now she can wear all the other fashions and do photo shoots with the other dollies!! 

So sweet! Do you see why I love her face?

Better run get ready for church tonight! 
Till next time!


  1. Nice job! I have done head/body swaps many times myself, usually with a Heidi Ott Faithful Friends head and an OG/Battat Body. Makes the doll much more posable and able to share all the 18" doll clothes!

    1. Thanks! I've done two others too... One of them I took head off of a baby doll and turned it into a boy doll. I am just thrilled with this one... She's the doppelgänger doll of my Mom and I've had all manner of fun being able to properly pose her with my Heather and Lilly (me and my daughter) dolls. Every time I look at her I just smile.