Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekend Thrifty Finds!

Greetings Doll Friends!

Summer is always busy... Busy in a totally different way than the school year but busy. 

So I am behind on posting! Last weekend my daughter and I went thrifting and here are some of my finds!

I got this sled for only a dollar I think it may be way too big but I can always re-donate it to the thrift store.

Aurora finally got a wheelchair! She's been great on crutches but it'll be so nice to have chair too. It was only $3 at a Garage Sale!

Not sure what this box will be but it was only $.99 and just the right size for a possible doll table!

Then I got these two dolls... I am not the biggest fan of BFC Inc. dolls because their hair is always a nightmare. But she was only two dollars so I figured I'd risk it. The little blonde all was only $.50 and I really bought her just for clothes. Since I picked her up though she's kind a growing on me so I think I might actually put a different wig on her and keep her? We will see...

Well that's it for now doll friends!
Till next time!


  1. Two of dolls are so cute, but the smaller one is cuter. Her shoes are pretty.
    I also went the mall yesterday and stopped at the dolls's section. There are not many doll items at the mall in Korea. I just enjoyed seeing them, not buying anything as I will have a guest from you. Excited.

  2. I like hearing about all your "thrifty" finds! Your Bfc Ink doll is "Carmen", and she is one of the harder to find of these dolls. If you clean her up nicely, you should be able to sell her on Ebay for at least $25, if not more. Just an idea, since you said you weren't too attached to her, and then you'd have more $$$ for a doll you really wanted!