Friday, July 1, 2016

Creatology Soccer Ensemble

Hi Doll Friends!

As I've mentioned before in other posts, Micheals craft store is discontinuing carrying the Springfield doll line. They've started selling a whole new kind of doll made by Creatology. They are very cute dolls! I have all four of them already! Hard to pass up when you can buy them for about $15 each with a 40% off coupon! (They are $25 full price)

However, I had never bought any of the doll clothes by Creatology. They are $14.99 regular price! Only about $10 less than a whole doll! Hard to do... 

However one day I had a 50% off coupon and finally decided to give it a go. There were two reasons I wanted this outfit. The first is the black shoes! I needed plain black shoes to go with Josh dolls tuxedo! I had quite a few "boy" type shoes but nothing that could pass for boy shoes. So... These were perfect. 

Obviously the second reason I bought the set was for the soccer outfit... It is pretty cute.

Here is photo on back of box of other ensembles.

Here is Vito wearing the outfit. I put a different pair of shoes on him. Fits pretty well... Although the Creatology dolls are a smidge smaller than standard dolls of this type... They are a bit thinner and are only 17inches tall.

So the shirt has a bit of a gap in back when you close it.

All in all, pretty cute... I'll eventually get the photos done of Heather and Josh in all their wedding finery done and I'll show you the shoes that came with set then!

Chat soon!

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