Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our Generation Ponies Score At Goodwill

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
The only trouble I find, mostly, in my doll hobby, is the nagging 'How much is too much?' side of things... As you may have noticed, I have a bit of a knack for finding treasures for next to nothing. A noble skill until you watch the Hoarder's show and realize you are only one life tragedy away from being one of those people if you're not entirely careful. Teehee. Kidding. Sort of. I don't mean to make light of the people on those shows, they seem to be very sad and lonely most of the time. I am digressing again here but my point is, 'How much doll stuff is too much?' What do you think? I don't want to alienate my ever-so-sweet husband by surrounding him with too much doll stuff, if you know what I mean. Mostly he doesn't care and likes how much I enjoy my doll hobby but sometimes, when I bring in a big item, he looks at it like "Where are you going to put THAT?" For instance, my doll horses... I store those in the basement, not the doll room. Because they are huge. He is pretty forgiving though, my husband, and I think he thinks that, at least with doll stuff, it's all small! I don't ever buy anything for my 'real' house anymore! 

So... As I am out and about, I sometimes come across a doll item and have to fight with myself "I really like it but do I need it?" and as my doll collection grows and expands, the answer, more and more, has to be "No" unless I am going to bring said item home and 'upgrade' something and get rid of the older item. If that makes sense. Although I can't ever seem to pass up a DOLL. Especially if it's a versatile doll that I can use for a body transplant or re-wig and make new. It's a weakness. 

However, these two beauties I just couldn't pass up. Interestingly enough I found them both the same day at two different Goodwill stores. Also, the prices were different. The brown pony with blanket I found first and it was $1.99 and then the blonde pony I found at a second Goodwill and it was marked $3.99. Funny huh? So, $5.99 for both ponies isn't bad at all! The same Goodwill that had the second one also had another full sized horse that was different than the three I have a home and I left it there. I should've thought to photograph it. Don't think I haven't kicked myself more than once about not buying it but I do try to be good! It was one like these two, more 'realistic'. I have one more that is more 'realistic' that you can see here. I also have two other doll horses but they are more 'stuffed animal' looking. I don't even think I've shown them to you yet... So many blog posts I have in my 'to write' list! Just recalled perhaps I hadn't... I'd been waiting for a good weather day so I could bring all three horses out to compare. So... Something to look forward to!


Here is Frann with the ponies! I need to clean them up a bit better but they sure are cute! I think all kids, at some point, dream of having a pony of their own. My son was actually gaga for horses and ponies when he was younger. He just loved them. So... Dollies had to have ponies too! Right?

Can't wait to take better photos!! 

Better run... More blogs to write!
Till Next time!

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