Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pen Pal 18 Inch Doll Leanne Gets MakeOver Again!!

Hi Doll Friends!! 

My friend Leanne, after whom one of my Pen Pal Dolls is named after has already gone through a makeover once before... But I still wasn't entirely happy with her wig. The color was right and the style was pretty good. I liked it a lot until it'd been brushed a few times and started to seem tangly... 

So I decided she needed a new wig to go to go with her new body. I got this one on eBay and I absolutely love the way it came out! She is perfect now!!

Here she is in front of the Doll House (Or Hobbit House... haha!)

See, this is her with the other wig and body... Pretty wig but... just a bit tough to keep styled right. 

So muh better!! I need to trim the bangs up just a smidge but think I am going to beg my lovely friend who cuts hair professionally to to them for me so I don't mess them up. Not like they'll grow back out, eh??

One detail of the Pen Pal dolls I might not have mentioned before and one of the reasons they were perfect to be doppleganger dolls for who they are is their eye pigmentation. If you look closely, it looks just like blue camo! Which, for my Leanne doll, is perfect because she is in the Army! 

So pretty!! I love her so much!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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  1. Looks much different with a new wig. Successful job.