Saturday, July 16, 2016

Photos With Friends To Celebrate Anniversary Party!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Being Married for a quarter of a century means having had the benefit of many friends along the way that have helped foster your marriage. When I thought of who I would like to "invite" to dress up and "stand with" me as sort of "Brides Maids and Matrons Of Honor" there were quite a few I knew had to put on a pretty dress and have a photo with me! I didn't want them to look all the same because they are all their own women... So I just asked they put on something that makes them feel pretty and come celebrate with us! These are the photos of each of us from the party. I wanted a special pose with each of them. ❤️

With Diane, my mother-in-love doll.

My sister S. 

With Leanne, one of my oldest friends. She came to our real wedding.

With my lovely friend from around the world, Frann! ❤️ Having doppelgänger dolls of us makes her seem more close by! So fun, that.

With Crystal.

With Kristi.

With Patricia Myfanwy and Susannah. 

Jen arrived late so we had to take a second photo of the lunch club!

And a group photo!! ❤️❤️

Here is Josh and I in front of to cottage of our imaginary anniversary get-away. Teehee. Isn't it lovely?

And one of Heather Doll in front of cottage...

Better run! 
Till next time!

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