Saturday, July 9, 2016

What a Difference A Wig Can Make And Kevin Gets a Name!

Hi Doll Friends!

So recently I've been doing a lot of 'Doll body swaps'... I decided to steal a body from one of my boy dolls because I had three boy dolls of that particular face sculpt. (The 1998 Battat) That boy doll had a black wig on and so I stole it for my brown eyed "My Life As" boy doll...

Here is the 'My Life As' boy doll as a blonde... By the way, I have a disproportionate amount of blonde boy dolls because I often find that particular wig for 99cents plus ship on eBay but only in blonde! So I buy them pretty often when I find them and have a lot of blonde boys. Haha!

The black wig makes him look like a totally different doll!! I hadn't ever named this boy doll because I couldn't figure out a good name but now he has black hair, he is totally going to be named Kevin. I know two Kevins in my 'real' life that this could totally be and so it's perfect. 

Better run! Have a lot of drafts to turn into posts this morning! I love Saturday mornings. 
Till next time!

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