Friday, September 11, 2015

My Life As Doll Lisa

Hi there Doll Friends!

"My Life As" 18" dolls are Walmart's answer to the 18" doll market. I have one that was bought new as a gift to me from, you guessed it, my husband. God bless that man, he sure is good to me. I am trying to recall if I I wrote a blog about her, now that I consider. Hmmmm... I'll have to check. Meanwhile, as I was out thrifting the other day, I ran across this doll. Isn't she pretty?

She was in rather poor condition when I got her. She was pretty dirty and her hair was a tangled mess in two scary looking braids. I wasn't planning on buying a doll but she was just screaming out for help and I couldn't help but plunk down the $2.99 and bring her home.

Here she is in the car. Doesn't she look happy? Teehee.

As you an see, she was very dirty! She had a spot in her cloth portion of her body that worried me but she wasn't malodorous at all and so I decided I could clean that spot really well and it'd be fine.

I only used a Norwex cloth and water because that my first "go to" for doll clean up because I know it's not going to stain her or take off paint or anything. It got most all of the dirt off except to stubborn ink stains on her face. I'll get those off eventually, I accidentally packed my Norwex Magic Erasers! So I'll have to remove her "tattoos" when I get moved. 

Here is her before. I hot dipped her hair after working through the tangles with a brush. After she was all cleaned up and looking pretty, I was delighted to realize that she would make a perfect Lisa doll! Lisa is one of my best friend and I've been looking for a doll to represent her in the Doll House! So glad to find her! Welcome Lisa!!

That's it for now! Till next time!

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