Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Rainbow Wig for Famosa Nancy

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

already have three Famosa Nancy dolls in the Doll House. I love them and think they are gorgeous dolls! I have three blondes because I've gotten them inexpensively. Two from an eBay auction and one from a favorite thrift store. So... Then I found another one the other day for $3.99, I paused and considered maybe not getting her. Hahaha! Kidding!! But I did think one more blonde would be too many! I've wanted one with dark hair for a while now. So I thought "maybe I'll re-wig her in a darker shade..." So off to eBay I went to look for wigs. Well... I didn't go with dark. 

I went rainbow!! Isn't she fabulous!!

I haven't even removed her blonde rooted hair yet but I had to show off how cute she looks even with it over her hair! I'll come back later with an update after I actually commit to it in glue! It may be after we get moved but I think she will be fabulous as a rainbow colored hair doll!

Till next time!

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