Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adriene; A Girlie Girlz 18inch Doll Joins Doll House

Greetings and Salutations a Doll Friends!

As you already a know if you've read my blog at all, I love to stop into thrift stores any time I am in the general area of one of my favorites and have a few minutes to spare to stop in. My constant "look for" items are dolls, books, dolls, DVDs, dolls, melamine dishes, dolls, clothes, doll related items, and dolls. You get the idea. Even in the middle of a move, I can't help but look. And when I find one, I pretty much always have to buy her. I am going of have to start thinning out my collection after we move but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...

In the meantime, meet these two recently thrifted beauties!! I got one on left (in purple) on Saturday and the other (pale blond Madame Alexander) yesterday when I stopped into one of my favorite thrift stores. See? I mean it when I say I stop in whenever I can. You can stop in in the morning at one of these stores and miss a treasure that afternoon, it's the way it works. So to find treasure you have to go often and look closely. I digress. Back to the pretty dolls I got...

Meet Adriene and Heather! Adriene is a Girlie Girlz 18" Doll by the Uneeda Doll Company. Heather is a Madame Alexander 18" doll. I am going to review her in a future post...

They both were in rather sad shape when I found them, dirty and hair a fright. I was so excited about finding Adriene, because she was a totally different 18" doll than I'd ever seen before, that I didn't even think to photo her "before" shots before I set to cleaning her up. You'll just have to trust me that she was kind of a mess... Interestingly enough, she must've been a gift to a child or something and then relegated to the toy box to get dirty before she even had her shoes removed because they came still on her feet, like sewn on. I'll get to that. What kind of doll is she you ask? Well it took me a little research to find that information but after a bit of digging I discovered that she is a Girlie Girlz doll by researching what was on her tag: 2013 Uneeda Doll Company. This is them both all cleaned up and dressed. They both came as naked as a jaybird or the day they were manufactured! Poor dears!

I took the liberty of borrowing a few images of what her box would have looked like new off eBay. From what I can tell, they were a kind of lower price point doll. I am not sure who sold them originally but you can find them on secondary market now. Naturally they probably cost more now that it appears they are not longer made than they did when new in stores. Nature of eBay, I guess. I got mine for $5 and I don't regret it at all. They aren't the best made doll ever but I think they have a really pretty face mold for a doll that was an inexpensive one.

As you can see, they had several different outfits and styles for her.

She seems to have come with bangs and without.

And in all sorts of different outfits and with bangs. 

And with long strait hair and long curly hair like mine has.

They also came in a blonde but I think face mold is exactly the same. Do you agree?

She came in several different styles as well.

From what I read on Uneeda Doll Company, they've been around a while!

This one is out of order, another style...

As you can see, they have sleep eyes that close when they lay down. They also have soft bodies with chest plate much like Journey Girls or Madame Alexander dolls. I'll take detailed photos of her body and post soon as an update. She is made ok for a "inexpensive" doll, on par with the Style Girls I got at Aldi a few years ago quality wise. I am pleased with her and am glad she will be part of the doll house!

The company that produced them was more famous for their "Walking Dolls" that were a whopping 32" tall! 

I remember really really wanting one of these when I was a kid but my Mom had a thing about "cheap" dolls... She loved Fisher Price and not many others. So I never had one. Now I think they are just too big for my doll house... So it's nice to have an 18" version of the doll I wanted when I was a kid!

I haven't had a moment to review her properly yet! I named her Adriene after one of my all time favorite yoga instructors Yoga With Adriene I will come back and go over her with photos and show you how she is put together soon! Moving has got me in crunch time and lately I've been spending all my time in Lowes and with my hand on fixing up our house. It's finally finally finally going on the market this weekend though. Hallelujah!! Luckily we live in a pretty popular neighborhood and price point so hopefully by this time a month from now, I'll be settling myself and my family and Doll House into a new place a little bit west of here... In the coming weeks, as our house is being shown or whatever, hopefully I'll have some time to write up some reviews because.... Well.... As a way not to obsess obsess obsess at Zillow about houses I couldn't bid on because we had to get our house ready... I've been spending a bit too much of my focus on doll "research" and, well, we all know how that comes out, right? 

That's all for now! I have to get ready for church! 
Till next time!

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