Monday, September 14, 2015

Mini Our Generation Doll Wardrobe Options and Ideas

Greetings Doll Friends,

We found an Our Generation Mini Doll at a Garage Sale for a $1 and so naturally we brought her home. I haven't honestly been too interested in the mini's if for no other reason is the last thing I need is one more 'size' doll to start collecting things for. Teehee. I have to admit though, she is pretty cute. However, they don't really make a whole lot of clothes for this size doll and so the only way to get other ensembles seems to be to buy other 'mini' dolls from either OG or AG and... Well... That isn't an option. We will get more mini's at furture garage sales perhaps. In the meantime, girlie needed some clothes.


Luckily my dear daughter has been collecting dolls, fashion or otherwise, all her life. Maybe due to having a doll loving Mom... Maybe not? Who can tell. Teehee. Suffice to say she has a rather extensive wardrobe for said dolls. So we just dug into the big suitcase of clothes with 'mini' in mind and this is what we came up with. 

This robe actually came with those soft dolls are about the size of Barbie but more for little girls... Can't think the name of them. I have two of the 'baby' variety in the doll house and I'll have to look at their tags when I get them out of storage and come post here. (Side note, this is being written September 14, 2015. I just posted the photos in like April. LOL)

A cute flowered dress and hat.

The black shirt was actually a 'Ken doll' shirt and it's long enough to see under the skirt but we thought it looked cute together. 

She came with the green shoes by way... 

This outfit always looked a bit 'too short' etc for fashion dolls but looks so cute on her!

See how many outfits we were able to come up with!? Go look through your Fashion Doll clothes and see what you can come up with for your mini!!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Have a wonderful day!

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