Friday, April 21, 2017

American Girl Today Accessories Thrift Shop Score Part One!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As you may know, I recently took some time off thrift stores for lent. So naturally, this week, I've been on a bit of a Thrift Shop binge indulgence. I went on Monday and found some great stuff in my small town thrift shoppe. Then, on Tuesday, I had to stop by several after work in town. In one of those stores I found the neatest thing!

A grab-bag of the coolest doll accessories from 'American Girl Today' which, from what I understand, was released in the mid-1990's and sold till the early 2000's.

The thing about these accessories is that they were in perfectly pristine condition!! I mean, to me, they literally look like they've never even been used. The little girl who owned them must've been extremely meticulous with her play-things! Awesomeness!! There were little gold stickers on every item that say "American Girl" and, other than the one hair elastic that appears to have broken (but it's still there!) everything was perfect! My only question or quandary? Where was the rest of this collection? Surely she had other items too? However, I looked around the store and, as best as I could tell, this was the only bag?! Maddening! However, I was just stoked to have found the bag that I did find and for $6.98, it was an absolute steal!!

Here are Lilly Doll, Alycia Doll and Heather Doll modeling the shoes and some of the accessories. The quality of these items blew my mind!! I have heard that when American Girl Doll used to make things, they were top notch but... There is no way to describe how amazing they are! The details!! This velvet pair of shoes, for instance, look 'comfortable' enough for a real person to wear! They have snaps too, not velcro. 

The little wooden 'lamp' is from Josefina's line of accessories and is like new. I don't know that I am going to keep it because it's not really 'my style' and, ironically enough, I bet I could sell that one item on eBay for $7.00 (or more?) and it'd be like I got the entire rest of the bag for free. Not to mention it might complete some girls collection of Josefina items! So... Win win. I am not one to do eBay too often but in this case, since it's just a small item and probably pretty rare, it might be kind of fun. 

I love love love the little beanie!! And the little handbag! And the sandles!! And Josh's shoes!! 
All. So. Cute!

Heeheehee... What can I say? Josh Doll and Heather Doll are crazy about each other. 

Here are Gasper Doll and Alycia Doll modeling the shoes. I'd happily wear either pair if they were in my size! Aren't they cute?!

So it was a fun score!! I determined I hadn't looked hard enough at that thrift store though... So decided to return on Thursday, when I was back in the area, to just be sure I didn't miss anything!!

So... Stay tuned to next post for that...!!
Till then!


  1. Now I get to understand you got a big prize for this year's Lent, surely.

    1. That is such a great way to look at it and I hadn't even considered that angle. God blessed me for my sacrifice! Of course He did. God is cool like that!