Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thrift Store Score and Lent Fast

Hi Doll Friends!!

Four years ago, a group of ladies from church and I decided to fast something for lent and do a Bible study during that time about the practice... That year I fasted Facebook and it was one of the best times of spiritual growth I've ever had from a fast. So I decided to do same the next year... Off Facebook for 40+ days seemed to do me so much good. However, I couldn't do same last year because Facebook has become part of my job (marketing part of my job requires me to log in) so swore off chocolate. That ended up seeming shallow and not much although I did miss my Reeses! So this year I wanted to 'go big' and give up something that, in missing it, I'd have a big space in my life open to hand over to Jesus... Hmmmmmmm.... What to give up...? What do I do on a frequent basis that I enjoy but that might take up time I could spend better for Lent? 


Then it hit came to me in the shower after asking God what He thought. (That can be a dangerous question sometimes! LOL) He sort of whispered to me "How about thrift shoppes?" I knew instantly it was the right thing. So... I am taking a break from them until after Easter. It'll give me time to focus on Jesus and also kind of stop the near constant flow of dolly items into the doll house (teehee). That will make me focus on the bountiful blessings of dolly items I've managed to accumulate... Some of which are still in the closet and you've never seen! So, it'll be grand. 

So on Fat Tuesday, I went to three different shoppes! LOL God must've wanted to bless me because I found these adorable Valentine themed hand made fabric tote bags, a whole bag of ten of them, for only $1.99!! Aren't they cute?!? 

I also found these cute little dishes and a 'Paper Jam Speaker' that I'll have to tell you about in an upcoming post because I didn't get photos of it taken yet. 

I think the bags will make great props for a 'Hand bag shop' scene sometime... I set up a small one here... More of a kiosk. LOL

So fun! I love the bags! They are all one of a kind! 

I better run! Time flies in the morning!
Have a great day!

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