Sunday, March 26, 2017

Patti Doll Plays Guitar!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I have a friend named Patti who loves to play guitar. Ever since I found her and gave her a make-over I've meant to get some photos of her with one of the many guitars I have gotten from the Dollar Tree. She is my first doppelganger doll made after a friend who actually plays guitar in real life... So it had to happen! Right?

So here she is, finally... Patti and her guitar about to play us a nice song. As I am posting this, I notice that, apparently, poor Patti has been sitting in the same outfit since I made her over. Time flies! When you have as many dolls as I do *blushes* it happens sometimes that they don't get their clothes changed as often as you'd like. So I'll have to give her a fresh new spring outfit today sometime..

One of the reasons I was spurred to action about getting a post about Patti is that she gave me a couple of doll sized gifts! If you look at the back of the chair she is sitting in, you'll see the beautiful red doily on the back? I got that as a Christmas gift from Patti. She made it just for the Doll House! Isn't that nice!Then, if you look over by the bed in the red tote bag? There is a little doll sized Gospel of John she gave me 'just because' this past week when we got together for coffee and Bible Study. I love it! John is my favorite of all the Gospels! Patti knows me so well. I meant to post a closer up photo of it for you... I'll come back and add one later. I've been having technical issues with the Blogger App again and I am just going to get this posted 'as is' for now in interest of getting it posted!

Here is Patti playing us a pretty song... She is so talented!! I have the best friends! 

Speaking of, I have the best Doll Friends too! Thanks for being one!
I better run and get ready for Church! I hope this finds you having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Aha! She is Patti, who studies Bible with you. Say "Hello" to her.

    1. Yes!! You know me so well. I am so glad we are friends. <3 Chat soon! <3