Saturday, March 18, 2017

PCR American Doll House My Social Book

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I don't know if you've heard of My Social Book? It is a service that prints out your Facebook profile into a book in certain time perimeters that you designate. I had ordered a few of them for my personal Facebook profile and love them!! I have gotten horrible about actually printing photos in the last few years and this makes it easy. 

However I only recently discovered you can order them for Facebook Pages too! I was so excited!
I am not even sure if you know but I have a Facebook page for the blog. Go and give it a like if you're into that sort of thing and you'll be notified of blog postings and see preview photos from blog posts as well! Anyway, I've kind of played with idea of somehow printing at least portions of my blog into a book... just highlights and or photos. However now that I am 500ish posts in, the book would need to be a multi volume set! Way too costly! However my Facebook Page is just that, highlights! So I ordered one for the year 2016 and I love it!! So much fun to be able to flip thru the photos in book form! I had to come and show you! Isn't it cool? I plan to order a new one every year! I was talking to my friend Frann about it this weekend and she called it a 'yearbook' and that is exactly what it's like. So I highly recommend My Social Books. Such a great and easy way to caputure your photo moments in book form. Also, one really awesome feature I didn't even realize it would have is that every time I posted a blog link, they print one of those QR barcode for each of them so all I have to do is use my smart phone, scan the code and it brings me right to that blog post. So it's even interactive and literally a book of my blog! Some things in modern life are just so awesome, eh?

Better run and get ready for church!
Till next time! 

See the QR Barcodes ^^^^ on the left hand side page?

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