Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bed Time At The Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

I've been in a picture taking mood recently... I mean I always have very elaborate photos set up in my minds eye but oftentimes after the busy day of work and parenting has gone by, I just don't find the energy or ambition to take photos. So, I decided to try and take a few in the early morning hours... Only trouble being I don't want to light the house up like a Christmas Tree and wake up the family. 

So I decided to give some photos with my little doll house sized lamps a try and see how photos looked when I took them with just them. 

So I did a few 'bed time photos'... I really like how they came out although they may be a little on the dark side. 

I love to read before bed. Do you?

Settling in and getting drowsy!

G'Nite Dollies!
Better run! 
Till Next Time!

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