Saturday, April 11, 2015

Madame Alexander 18" Doll Mary and Thrift Store Finds!

Greetings Doll Friends! 

Another long lost draft! I have the best of intentions when I post them! This is gonna be a bit of a "a picture tells a 1000 words" kind of post... Here goes!

I got the two dolls here thrifting. I think I paid about $3 each. I also got the working lamp and books that day. The red head has since been given away to a friend of my daughters because she wasn't a favorite of either of us and her friend only had *gasp* one 18" doll! So, we had to give her one. 

Here is Mary all cleaned up and ready for bed!

Here she is in a dress I upcycled.

Here she is with Rose (TollyTot) and Taylor (Famosa Nancy).

Here is some more loot I got around same time.

The bear I bought just for his coat. I gave him back to Goodwill. 

I LOVE this tall "bookcase"! It was a CD case but I gutted the groved slots and my book collection nearly fits in there! Or it did. It's grown since I bought it. A lot. Haha!

I couldn't get the old dry glue off but with books in, you can't really tell. 

Isn't it fab!

Then I found Belle. She was too pretty to leave at Goodwill.

I had to bring her home and clean her up!


Got this chair too! Can't recall what I paid. Knowing me tho, it wasn't more than $5.

It's perfect for doing doll hair! Here is Sasha (TollyTot) trying it out.

Then I found this kitchen! It was $2. I had to give it away as we are moving but it was so cool! Perfect size for 18" dolls! And it's portable! So cool. I already have a kitchen though and so it had to go. 

Awesome, eh?

Oh! And Dell! I got Dell, a HeartforHearts doll, for $1 at a church garage sale!! She was in bottom of box of old dolls. I am stoked! I renamed her Katniss after the Hunger Games Katniss because 1)she looks like her and 2) "Dell's" story is from the same area Katniss was from. 

Here she is right after I found her, in car on way home!

Isn't she beautiful?!

That's it for now doll friends!
Till next time!

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