Saturday, April 4, 2015

X-Box Games for the Doll House! A DIY Project!

Greetings Doll Friends!!

In case you guys haven't noticed already, I am all about using what you have on hand to make crafts. I have never been able to use the print-ables to make any crafts before because I've been out of colored ink forever! This past weekend we finally went in and got some new ink cartridges! So, I went out into the internet and dug into the cool files that are available as print-ables for dolls! I had a ball printing out several projects I wanted to try. The first one was Xbox Games for the doll house. I knew my son would get a kick out of having something 'Xbox' in the doll house!

Now, I didn't have any fun foam on hand and was too lazy to go to store (which is lame, Micheals is like two mins from my front door!) So I pondered what I could use to make the cute little Xbox games. I am in the children's ministry at my church and we recently updated our logo and branding. They were going to throughout this entire box of kids badges that they had printed up... They are very much like the store cards that you get at the grocery store to get the discounts. Anyway so I have a box of like 100 of them! I always knew if I kept them I would find some craft they would apply themselves to!

So... Back to the Xbox games. Printed them off and covered with clear tape and wanted to make them when *light bulb goes off* I think "why not make them outta the badges!"

I love how they came out! They will stand on their own even! So, took photos of what I did. You could use any badge or gift card...

You have to trim about 1/8th inch off both sides of badge before so it will fit, bend card in half. Then tape on print-able with double sided tape and wrap whole deal in clear packing tape!

Supplies I used: Print-ables, badges, double sided tape, packing tape and scissors. 

Trim off about 1/8inch of card on both sides to make it a square edge and so the print-able will fit correctly.

Bend the card in half. 

With double sided tape, glue on print-able. 

It should look like this:

Then wrap whole thing in clear packing tape to hold the card 'closed'. They will stand up on their own because it leaves a little width to it, like a little book (or Xbox game!) 

Aren't they cute?!

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