Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Thrifted Finds for the Doll House! Vintage Play Food and a Kitchen Sink!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As you may have figured out by now, I am a bit of a Thrift Store and Garage Sale enthusiast! I have regular errands that take me by my favorite thrift stores every week and I make it a point to stop in and check for treasures while I am in the area. That is the trick to finding gems at Thrift Stores is to go often! Oftentimes you will only find one or two little things but then there are days like mine recently. 

Here is J.J. modeling for scale the items I got thrifting! The little play food is absolutely perfect! I love love love it!! It's scaled perfectly and there are six of all the 'servings' of everything!

I'd never seen any play food like it before! So cute and perfect for the doll house!

Then, I also got this wood shelf for a couple dollars. I am so glad little wood shelves like this were popular about a decade ago because they are making some mighty fine doll furniture for doll enthusiasts now!

I've mentioned I stop into specific Thrift Stores every week. Well, on Thursdays, I get to go by one of my all time favorites! They have a great selection and their prices are always pretty great too. I've made friends with a fabulous clerk there, her name is Jenny. She and I chat up when I go in and she knows I love dolls and all things doll related and that I write a doll blog. So... She keeps her eyes open for me for doll sized items. She isn't allowed to hold anything but she always points out things that she's seen if she happens to know they are still there. She is the one who pointed out the play food! I would've missed it completely if she hadn't known about it and pointed it out because it was in the display case and I didn't think to look there this day! I was so stoked, I asked if she'd take a photo with me! Here we are:

So, being intrigued about the play food, I decided to research it. On eBay! I am telling you, you can find anything in the universe on eBay if you only know what you're looking for. I put 'Vintage Play Food' into the search engine and up popped this and several others. I stole the photo below to show you what the food looked like originally, at least some of it. It looks like it came in the plastic as a big 'sheet' and you popped the little food items out of the sheet. It's highway robbery what they are asking for them on eBay but that's the nature of vintage and rare items on there I guess. 

So, naturally, I brought the food home and had to throw a dinner party!

Steak, green peas, corn on the cob and a dinner roll! What a feast!

Rose, being the oldest doll in the Doll House, supervised the preparations!

So what did I do with the little wooden shelf, you ask? I made it into a kitchen sink! I think it's perfect with it's little hooks to hold pans and shelves to hold kitchen and pantry items. 

I had the little galvanized box that I'd gleaned from a thrift store a while ago and was saving to find a good 'counter' for. I got the idea to make a 'drain' with a silver button from 'My Froggy Stuff' on YouTube. She is pure genius!

The dolls all agreed the food tasted as good as it looked! 

Here is a group photo of the dolls who were able to make it to the dinner party! 

They thought the meal was so fancy, they ought to pull out the stemware even!

That's it for now Doll Friends! Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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