Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Doll Collection Meet and Greet

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Another long lost post from April! I am writing this on September 11, 2015 but uploaded the photos in April! I guess I posted these drafts, got busy and thought they were posted. What's funny is my collection has exploded a bit since I took these photos. Teehee. But as of April 2015, these were pretty much all my dolls. 

Here are my 14" dolls. HeartForHearts and COAD dolls.

 Here are my Sekiguchi Dolls.

Here are my TollyTot 18" dolls.

My boy Battat which I custom made.

My Our Generation dolls.

My boys together. 

My Style Girls.

My "Positively Perfect Diva" and Hobby Lobby doll (what are they called? I forget)

My Famousa Nancy dolls with my OG red head Florence.

My BFC Ink dolls.

And my unknown! I'll come back and tell all their names later maybe... Or do a new meet and greet when I get done moving! Cos I have about twice as many dolls now... Give or take. Haha!

Till next time!

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