Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Generation Retro Doll Joy; a Review

Hello Doll Friends!!

So, I love all manner of 18" doll, Our Generation included. I even own one that I re-wigged after I found her second hand somewhere with her hair kind of a mess. I've never owned a new one before though and so never knew what they would be like out of the package. They have their own website where you can read read all about them. Then, on the Facebook group I am on that is about all things 18" doll related, it was brought to my attention that all Our Generation was on sale at Target, the store that sells it exclusively. It was 30% off! That's my kind of sale! That meant I could pick up a new 18" doll of what I'd found to be pretty decent quality, for less than $20! The sale happened to coincide with the Doll Money my dear husband had gifted me recently that I wrote about in this post.  So, naturally, I headed to Target. 

I knew going in that I wanted a 'Retro' Our Generation because I love most everything retro and if I am going to buy a doll, I might as well like her outfit too! I had seen a review of one on the Mommy and Gracie Show. 

So, I got her out of the box after cutting numerous zip ties to find her hair literally sewn into these strange plastic strips?!

I literally had to take a seam ripper to them in order to get them off. Perhaps there is some trick to it that I don't know? I suspect if a little girl were left to her own devices trying to get this out of the dolls hair, she might clip some of the actual hair in the process. Not very clever packaging at all! 

Then when I got her out of the strange hair ties, which took some doing, her hair was woefully uneven on the bottom! 

She did come in cute tights and panties under her dress though!

I simply adore her shoes too!

So here she is with Rebecca (a Style Girl from Aldi) and my other Our Generation doll Esther that I recently re-wigged. Rebecca has tried on Joy's dress and Joy has happily changed into a dress from the Doll Closet. 

Then the girls settled into a nice game of chess! 

I am pretty certain that I am not going to keep her name Joy but haven't decided what I want to change it to yet. As you've probably already caught on to, I am a pretty big fan of Biblical names so I am sure it'll probably be from the Bible. Just have to think on which one I would like to give her. 

I really love her, I've had her a few weeks since I took these photos and un-boxed her. Her hair ended up being ok... So glad I didn't go with my first instinct and cut the part off that seemed uneven because I think it was just brushed wrong or something and it seems better now. 

Rose is even teaching her to cook!

That's it for now! See you next time Doll Friends!!

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