Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Dresses for the BFC Ink and Disney Princess Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I was recently reading a great doll blog that I've found recently. It's all about finding and making doll items on the cheap. It's called Dolls on a Dime! Just the name is right up my alley! Recently she had this post about finding second hand porcelain dolls and taking the dresses off of them for the thinner variety 18" dolls. In her posting she mentions Disney Princess and Me dolls but the idea works well for BFC Ink dolls I discovered. 

See? Aren't they beautiful??!!

Here are the 'donor' dolls. I plan to re-donate them to Goodwill, where I bought them for $3.99 each. 

I was surprised at the big difference in size of the 'donor' dolls and how well they worked anyway.

This smaller doll was purchased for same thing but it didn't work out so well... More on that later. Let's just say it wasn't made very well, the dress and wouldn't have made a good play dress in any case. Luckily she was only $1.99 and so it wasn't too big a loss.

The dress donor dolls were very pretty but I have always disliked porcelain dolls. I think a doll is made to be, first of all, a plaything. So, a very fragile doll doesn't make any sense to me. So... I didn't feel to badly about taking the dresses because apparently I am not alone in my sentiment about them because they are at Goodwill all the time. 

This one had a mark on her neck...? Seymour Mann doll. Don't know much about porcelain dolls but her dress was made very well!

There was only one problem with one of the dresses. The sleeves were too tight to get over the hands of my dolls.

So I simply opened up the seam with a seam ripper and 'hemmed' the edges so it wouldn't fray and it's perfect. 

Belle looks like this dress was made for her!!

Even if it is a little long.

The BFC Ink Dolls fit the dresses really well too!

Here they are wearing them in the Library of the doll house.

And playing chess!

That's it for now friends! See you next time! 

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