Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Life As Doll Soccer Ensemble From Walmart!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As you may be aware, I have become rather fond of the My Life As Dolls line of dolls and doll accessories that is manufactured for the Walmart stores. 

A while ago I bought one of their fashion ensembles for my Josh Doll. The real Josh played soccer a lot in his childhood so it was almost a 'have to' purchase, right? Hahaha.

At $9.99, the outfits really are a pretty good deal considering most ensembles from American Girl are priced at around $35... Obviously the quality isn't nearly as good but they really do pretty well considering the price point.

Here is Josh in the outfit. It didn't come with shoes so he is wearing the shoes that I got in the My Life As Doll A Day In The Life Set for boys. I actually ended up with two of those sets as I recall because I found another one on sale and I have a lot of boy dolls who need clothes. Haha. 

So here is Josh Doll kicking around the cute ball that comes with the set. 

As you can see, the shirt has a velcro closure in the back. The shorts have an elastic waist. The little shin guards are adorable and have stretchy elastic to hold them on. 

I actually put this outfit on Josh doll more than a week ago and then didn't have the time to take the photos right away. So he sat in the black socks that come with the outfit for a while. Well, sadly, the socks stained his legs a bit. Not horrible and they might come clean but it kind of bummed me out. So the socks when right into the bin because they won't be going on any of my other dolls or Josh again. So... Forwarning! The socks might stain your dollies legs. I have read there are measures you can take to keep this from happening (like laundering the item) but I am more of a 'better safe than sorry' sort of gal on that score and so I just threw them away. 

All in all though, other than the socks, it is a cute set. So keep an eye out for it at your local Walmart store!!

Till Next Time!

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