Friday, December 11, 2015

Vintage 1989 Engle Puppe 18" Doll Crystal

Greetings Doll Friends!
Back with story later!

**Updated 12/12/15**
Hello Again Doll Friends!

Sorry for the readers digest abbreviated version of this blog posted initially. As I wrote about the other day I have been having trouble getting my Blogger App on my phone to jive with my actual blog. Have finally gotten it back on track I think? So... On do the doll story! In that same blog, I told you about some dolls I'd gotten on eBay. Yeah yeah yeah... I know, I have a problem with eBay. I can't help myself, honestly. Told my dear husband the other day I need to have him change the passwords and not tell them to me!! Seriously. But... In the meantime, I've gotten some very cool dolls for a song compared to their orginal prices.

Case in point? This beauty!! She is a vintage Engle Puppe 18inch Doll. She is beautiful!!

I got four in the same lot and they were all brand new in the box. Literally, hadn't ever been removed from the boxes since they were purchased by original owner back in 1989! They even smelled new, literally. This one especially for some reason. Actually, my husband and I agreed she smelled just like the Herberger's Department Store I worked in when we were both teenagers. She smelled amazing!

Every single thing about this doll is top notch. Every single detail.

Her hair is simply amazing. I wish I could let you feel it through this blog because it's almost impossible to convey how fantastic it is. It's plugged hair and it's very thick and, well, just look at the photo! Gorgeous!! I think it's possibly some of the softest doll hair I've ever brushed. 

She was the only one of the four dolls that is 18inches tall. The other three are 16inches tall. Which is perfect. I love having diversity of height and body type in the doll house! Not all people are made the same height and body type! So, in my opinion, neither should dolls be. It does help if you're trying to build a doll wardrobe though, I understand, but I guess I just love them enough to work around it. Haha!

The beautiful eyelet blouse has snap closures at the wrists. 

I was suprised and delighted that the belt was a totally separate piece. The 'buckle' is made out of nice heavy pewter type metal too. Top notch, I am telling you!

I was actually suprised to find velcro closures on the dress... I guess I'd forgotten velcro came out in the 1980s and would naturally be on doll clothes from that time period just as they are today. I prefer snaps, honestly, but it is what it is. Velcro has a tendency to snap other clothes, tights and doll hair. *sigh* 

She came with full underwear, including a slip.

Here she is in the slip and blouse with skirt removed. 

Such amazing details on the clothes!

Aren't they sweet?

The only 'flaw' I found was that the elastic on her bloomers was stretched out from age. That just happens to elastic sometimes, over the years. Luckily I have about 500 pairs of doll bloomers I can use instead. Well, maybe...

 Here is the whole outfit. I love it all!!


**You've been warned!!** 
Now on with review....

She is so well made!! Her arms are not poseable nor are her legs but she is well stuffed and can stand pretty well if standing next to a chair or other prop. 

She has nice soft vinyl limbs. 

Her tag. 

From the side. 

She was made in 1989 and her tag says Goebel Inc. but her box said "Engel Puppe". She was made in West Germany. 

Here she is with some modern clothes with my "My Life As" doll named Leanne. 

See how well she is going to fit into the doll house? Perfect!

I named her Crystal after one of my dearest friends in all the land!

Look again at that hair?! So pretty!

I think she looks super cute with glasses on too!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Until next time!

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