Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mystery 18inch Doll Customized To Boy Doll

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I went into the city yesterday for a business meeting and lunch with friends and on way home, you guessed it, I stopped at a couple of thrift stores! At my all time favorite one, I found a mystery 18inch doll. I say mystery because, despite rather exhaustive research in every search engine I can think of, I can't find another doll like this anywhere. I even posted a photo on a doll group on Facebook and no one has recognized it... Yet.... Maybe you know who she was? I almost didn't buy her because she was a bit of a mess but her face mold screamed "boy doll" to me and so I plunked down my $3.97 and took her home. Am short on time right now and so I will just have to let the photos tell the story until I get back to fill in rest. Pretty strait forward though. Cleaned doll up, sheared off hair, put on new wig, remove lower lashes with non acetone nail polish remover (am not entirely pleased with that... Seems to have left a bit of a stain but better than those goofy painted on lashes!) dressed him and TaDah! A new boy doll for the doll house! He is so unique I am sure I'll keep him... But I've been working on one who's slated to be sent back out into the world. More details on that soon too! 

It's almost Christmas!!! What a magical time of the year! In case I don't get back before then;

Merry merry merry Christmas!!
May God bless you and yours!

Here he is all finished. (Except those lower lashes... Gonna try and make that look better!)

And how I found him! Poor dear!!!

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