Friday, December 11, 2015

Madame Alexander 18" Doll Makeover

Greeting and Salutations Doll Friends!!

My current doll project! Sometimes you find a doll in a thrift store and you think "I don't know... She may be beyond help...?" This one was one of those. I almost past her up because she was pretty damaged but then I realized her sticker color made her 99cents (she must've been too far gone for anyone else too!) and I thought "Well, it can't hurt to at least try and make her over..."

The first photo of the blog is always the one that comes up in a thumbnail and so this is not her 'before' photo, this is her after she'd been wiped down well with a Norwex cloth and her hair had been washed and combed...

This is what she looked like originally, when she was brand new. She was a "My Life As" doll from Walmart back when Madame Alexander was the manufacturer of those dolls.

This is what she looked like when I found her. Her hair was pretty matted and just felt dirty.. and the rest of her! She was so poorly cared for by her former owners as to be rediculous. I always wonder who does this to their poor dolly? But... I guess some people simple see them as play things. As if. Haha.

Here is her sticker. She'd been marked $9.99, which I thought was optimistic of the thrift store price tagger who must've put it on. I guess it was good because it meant she made it to the color of the day!

Very dirty but still pretty features. Madame Alexander has such pretty face molds!

It's hard to describe but her body was just 'wonky'... As if her armature was broken on the inside. 

She also had ink on her chest... *sigh* 

See how her leg seems askew? It's the part that feels like it's broken inside... Hmmm...

Very dirty legs!

Poor dear!

So I put up her hair and set to work...

Thank goodness for Norwex cloths!

Look at her back stitching! It is like someone tried to repair her before...

This is after she has been all cleaned up and had her hair shampooed and conditioned. I was pretty liberal with my washing her hair.... I didn't figure I could make her any worse and to get her fixed up, she had to have that dirt out of her hair. So I was just very careful to keep the water out of her eyes and to rinse it all very well after I was done. 

She already looks so much better! Back with another post soon to show you the surgery I did on her back! 

Till then!
Have a great day Doll Friends!


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