Friday, December 11, 2015

Body Transplant Boy

Greetings Doll Friends,

I have a great affinity for Tolly Tot dolls, I have several of the 18" sorts. So when I was shopping at at thrift store recently, I came across a baby doll with a somewhat familiar face... Hmmm... I looked at the back of it's neck and low and behold, it's a Tolly Tot!! It was 99cents and so I bought it. I had seen another intance of someone taking a baby doll, in their case a a BittyBaby from American Girl by Living A Doll's Life, and transplanting the head onto an 18" doll body. I had two 'well loved' Battat dolls at home just ready to use to try it... 

I LOVE HIM! He turned out great and it was a lot easier than I imagined it would be too! I wish I could tell you where I saw the original tutorial about how to change doll heads but I can't find it for the life of me. There is a good one here that is written about fixing an American Girl Doll leg but it shows them removing the head of the doll. American Girl doll heads are held on by string that is tied very tightly. Most other 18inch dolls have a zip tie, and that's what I used in this instance. I wish I would've taken photos of the whole process but sometimes I'll get so wrapped up in a project that I don't even think to do so! This particular doll body, the 18inch Battat one, when I opened it up, had an armature in it... I knew going in that it would, but it was a lot more complex than the one I put into a Postivively Perfect Diva doll a while ago. Again, wish I'd have photo'd. Next time!

Here he is all done and dressed.

I used a zip tie that was a bit too big, I think, because the 'tie' portion is a bit big. I may change it at some point...

Here are the original dolls. She is a Battat. 

I felt rather dreadful taking the body off the girl doll... So I stuck her head on the baby doll body. Looked a bit queer but better than being body-less, right? I donated it back to the Goodwill... Who knows, maybe someone will think it looks great?

That's it for now Doll Friends!! 
Till next time!


  1. Oh! You are good at modifying dolls. I only have Disney dolls and Madam Alexander one. I feel that the dolls' world is so big.

  2. Thanks so much! I love doing it. I know what you mean about doll world being so big! I remember when I got 'in' to 18inch dolls in 2013 thinking I knew most of the brands and types of dolls in this size range (14" to 18") and I've been continually amazed at the variety and volume of the different kinds. Unfortunately, I find a new kind and feel the NEED to buy one so I can look it over and review! Hence, my having way too many dolls!