Saturday, April 1, 2017

Michael's In Store Reporting!!

Greeting and Salutations Doll Friends!!

First off, let me say that if you stopped by in the last 24 hours or so... You may have found this blog post as only photo's and a one word title. I tell you, I am having a dickens of a time getting the Blogger App to cooperate with me lately. So, in a desperate attempt to just get the post to upload, I finally just hit "publish" instead of "save as draft" yesterday morning. Then it finally posted and I didn't have a chance to get to my computer to finish it properly. Oy! So... I apologize if you got an 'incomplete' post! 

Now... On to the dolls! So last weekend I had a friend send me a linky to Michael's  website showing that they had a 60% off coupon for Friday and Saturday. Since my family was planning on going into town on Saturday, I simply had to stop in and find something with the coupon! Right? 

So my first inclination was to buy one of the dolls... At 60% off it would make a doll only 9.99!! However, I've been trying to stop buying dolls as much because the population of the Doll House is already rather large... Teehee. Not to mention I kind of already own one of each of these dolls. Still, I picked out a Zoey doll and put her in my cart to think about her. I customized the Zoey doll I had into a doppelganger doll named Milo. He's super adorable but it means I don't have a Zoey doll in my collection as she is made. Then again, I don't really like her hair as it is out of the box either. I thought "Maybe I can buy her and customize her with a girl wig?" 

Meanwhile, I decided to browse around and see what else there was... So many cute outfits!!

I already have a few of the outfits in the Doll House wardrobe... They are very cute and well made clothes. However, just so you know, I don't think they'd work very well for American Girl Dolls or Our Generation dolls with well stuffed torso's. As you can see in the soccer uniform, even on the slimmer old Battat body style, the clothes are a bit snug on dolls with thicker torso's. The Creatology dolls are a bit shorter than AG Dolls as you can see in this post about my first creatology doll Lauren who I re-named Nadine. I have her next to my AG Lilly Doll in that post.

I was excited to see that they've released a tee-pee in the Creatology line!! How cute! I considered buying it with the 60% off coupon but I already own a My Life As Doll Tent Set I got as a gift from my sweet husband months ago... What's that? I know, I've never even told you about it or shown it to you have I? I kept wanting to take it outside so I could make a fun and proper 'camping scene' but the weather hasn't ever cooperated! However, I recently got a great 'outdoor' back drop I think will work great for it. So... Suffice to say I didn't want to buy a teepee when I've yet to use the tent. Maybe someday? In my minds eye I imagine a fun 'camp site' where a tent and a tee-pee could be set up with a bunch of dolls! Wouldn't it be fun? But... Space to store all of it always has to be in the back of my mind because there is only so much room in the Doll Room!

I considered buying the little outfit withthe dragonfly on the shirt... But I just think the outfit being $14.99 instead of $9.99 like many of the other outfits seems silly. I am sure it's because you get the brown hat... But the hat wasn't worth $5 extra to me so I left it on the shelf. 

In the same aisle as the dolls they had 'Toob' toys!! I was so excited because I've been looking at the Toob Tools on Amazon for months now and if I could get them for $8, I was gonna take the plunge!! The first set I saw was this adorable set of fruit and veggies. So adorable!! They sat in my cart for a while too...

However, despite them having a huge selection of the Toobs, they didn't have the tools! Bummer! 

They are pretty cool... The only other Toob I thought lent itself to doll play was a tube of prehistoric mammal skulls that would be neat for a doll classroom perhaps. 

However they had these Mini-Toob toys and I was pretty tempted to buy a little pack because the dolls would like Toob Toys themselves I am sure of it. Still, they were $5.99 a pack and I was trying to stay reasonable. Maybe someday!

I was pretty surprised and kind of excited to see an American Girl craft display right behind me in the Creatology doll aisle. Cute! They had several sets. They were all a bit rich for my blood but I love the idea of selling kits specifically designed to craft something for your doll. That would be a keepsake forever for a girl with her dolly, right?

Given that I was having a Birthday Party in the Doll House last weekend, I was a bit tempted by these cute 'paper products' but the price, I think, is a bit mad. They coud've at least included a set of 8 of each of the items if they were going to charge that... I guess perhaps, being that I am a former paper crafter, in utter shock over how much paper items can cost pre-made. Wowzers! They also had doll sized party hats but also were kind of pricey... So I'll perhaps I'll have to pull out some of my paper crafting supplies and merge my two hobbies a bit and make some doll sized paper items. Eh?

Then I browsed around the store with dolls in mind... You know, just in case I found something else besides the Creatology stuff to use my coupon on. I snapped photos of everything I saw that I considered doll sized. These cute customizeable dolly bags would be a great idea to get for a Doll Party with kids. Each guest could customize their bag and then take it home as a party favor. Eh?

These little dressers are perfect size for dolls and you could stain them any color you like. I have no shortage of doll furniture myself but these are a great option for anyone who wants doll furniture at a good price I thought!

These crates would be great muli-purpose items for the doll house! I didn't buy any but... Someday I am gonna get some and make a craft or something!

Great doll sized 'treasure chests' for only $1 each! Again, they'd be great party craft favors!

Little buckets!

So many chalkboards that would be great for the Sweet Shoppe or for a classroom for dolls as well!

These cute cutters would be good for dolls... If you found them at a Garage Sale for 10% of that price! Hahaha.

More doll sized bags... These you could also use for a doll craft and decorate them with stickers or stamps.

These paint cans would fit right in on the doll work bench

These little plastic paint pots would be good for doll sized take-away containers or other doll dishes or crafts...

They also had packs of these adorable little jars and bottles!!

They'd be great for the doll kitchen... Wouldn't it be fun to 'put up some preserves' in them? I bet you could make some doll preserves in them the same way I made doll sized drinks with glue and beads.

These little jars would also be great for the Sweet Shoppe! So many fun things at this store!

So what did I bring home to the Doll House? Well, as I was browsing, I saw that they had their great storage boxes on sale six for $10! I've used these boxes all over my real house to organize things, especially in my paper crafting hobby. They are pretty and sturdy and, when you get them on sale, a great option for storing all manner of stuff. I've wanted to get some for the Doll Room for a while now so I can organize it a bit better. Here is the bag of the colors I chose. Aren't they pretty and festive?

I am kicking myself for not taking a 'before' photo of my doll cabinet but you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that this is vastly improved!! It made optimal use of the space in the cabinet and it was actually really good I dragged everything out of that cupboard anyway because, as you can imagine, there were things so badly organized that I had forgotten I even had them. Teehee. So I have many blog posts in my head about some of the stuff I found in there in the works in my head. 

Since I decided to buy $10 worth of the boxes, I decided to just get one of the $9.99 ensembles with my 60% off coupon. I chose this adorable yellow outit. For $4, it was a steal. 

I brought it home and immediately put it on my sweet Sharon Doll to wear to the party that afternoon!

Perhaps you noticed it in the party photos from that post? Isn't it a cute outfit?

I've never been one to wear much yellow in my own life (It just isn't the best with my skin tone... Despite all my wishing it was) and so it's alway fun to buy yellow for the dolls. What's the fun of having dollies if you can't live vicariously through them a bit, eh?

Well, I am outta time... Gotta go get ready for church!
Have a great day Doll Friends!
Till next time!


  1. What a vast selection of neat items at Michael's! We never had many of these stores until around 10 years ago, and now I have 2 in fairly close distance to me. I don't drive, so I take a bus there. I used to go overboard and spend around $70 per trip but now I keep it under $10. I've positively RUN OUT OF ROOM! Tee hee....

    1. I. Can. So. Relate! Yet I still want more. LOL It's the Doll Collectors dilimma! Heeheehee....!!