Saturday, April 22, 2017

Teddy Bear Connection At Westroads Mall Has 18Inch Doll Clothes!!

Hello Doll Friends!!

Happy Saturday!! 

The other day Frann Doll and Heather Doll visited the Mall to see the Love Can Store, grab a snack and perhaps do a bit of people watching. Heather Doll also wanted to check out the Teddy Bear Connection  to see what cute t-shirts they might have. Much like Build-A-Bear it's a store that you go pick a plush friend to 'stuff' and then dress in outfits. Oftentimes those clothes will fit 18inch dolls if you modify them a little bit

As we approached the store Heather Doll noticed something very exciting... There were 18inch Doll in the window!!! Oh my goodness!!

At first we thought they were just capitalizing on the fact that bear clothes sometimes fit dolls... But on closer look, not at all, they were actual doll clothes! Also, look closely at the photo above. The blonde doll in the green Tinker Bell costume is Heather Doll's twin! Awesomeness!

It was like finding a hidden treasure! It's not a common thing to see a store front with 18inch dolls! I was so stoked! Heather Doll was so stoked!

Beautifully dressed 18inch Dolls were all over the store and it turns out that they sell dolls as well...!! How exciting!

They have a whole section of the cutest doll clothes and accessories!! They also happened to be 25% off right now too! Great news for most people but for me, oh the pain! I have already blown my entire Doll budget (plus a few dollars!!) and so buying anything at all wasn't something I could do. Ouch! However just knowing they are there is fun and can always go back next month when I get a re-fill on my Doll Allowance. Right?

So. Many. Cute. Things! Just look at that swimsuit! 

Oh my goodness, they have cow print tall boots. I want!!

I am pretty sure the first thing I'll be back for is that Harry Potter costume! It's got a velcro adhered 'house emblem' and so you can make it for any house in Howarts you want your doll to be in! How cool is that! They also had a Princess Leia costume and so many others as you can see... Heather Doll just walked around in awe of the vast selection of items just her size! 

It was so much fun to see the Fashionista dolls! I don't have one.... Yet...!

Look at the ginormous bear stuffing machine!! So much fluff!

This doll sweet face just made me smile... I meant to ask the brand of doll and then forgot. Isn't she pretty!? Love the cap and gown!

As you can see, they even have dolls on the counter behind the register. So totally cool.

**So after going around and admiring everything I finally decided to take some photos of Heather Doll in the store. I was sort of silly... I had Frann Doll with me too but at first I was just thinking "Oh, I will just take a photo or two since I just spent so much time taking photos at the Love Can Store" because my friend Beth was with me and I didn't want to make her wait again. However she and the sweet employee at the store encouraged me to go for it! So then I thought I'd just take a few and just of Heather Doll because the more dolls you have in a scene the longer it takes because you have to get them both to stand up and pose etc.

But the more I saw the more I wanted to photograph...

Just look at all those cute dresses!

Check out the bear stuffing machine that is more Doll Sized!

Heather Doll was having so much fun that she finally insisted I take Frann Doll out and let her look around too!

Here they are by what I think might be the biggest teddy bear in the entire world! Look how huge he is!!

So stay tuned in the future when I go back next month to buy a thing or two from this fabulous store! They are super friendly and so you should stop in sometime soon too and get a treat for your Dolly!!

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. Wowzers...a very lovely store indeed! We have nothing like that here that I know of. In cleaning up my sewing room, I re-discovered my Newberry doll that looks identical to your Frann, except she has a different wig. I just love her face.

    1. It really is a neat place. Kind of dangerous for me to know they are there though! LOL I love LOTUS dolls, the face sculpts are always so beautiful!

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