Monday, April 3, 2017

Frann Goes To Walmart For In Store Report!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

This weekend I needed to run by Walmart after church for some tomatoe paste. Since I knew I had to go, I decided to bring Frann Doll along with me... Not sure why I've never thought to bring her to Walmart before being as I go there so often and do in store reporting but I guess I just think of Walmart as so 'every day' that it never occurred to me that it might be 'novel' to take her in...? Eitherwise, better late than never right?

So here we go....!

Here we are! At Walmart ready to pick out the tomato paste and maybe a new pair of shoes for Frannie Doll...?

"Let's go see what we can find!!" 

"So many choices!! Aren't they all so cute?" Frann Doll was blown away by the selection of ensembles!! It was hard to choose a favorite!!

"Oh my goodness! A hula outfit!! This would've been perfect for Hula Class with Cat!"

"What a cute dance costume!! Or it would work for yoga too!"

"The pineapples!?! I love them!"

"Awww, this one is sweet for Spring!"

"Look! New clothes for the boys!" 

"I love the hoodie! I bet Josh Doll would love that!"

"Oh my goodness! A shark tshirt and cool hat!" 

"This Easter dress actually has cute bunny 'pockets' on the front! How cute!!"

"Oh... Another cute spring set... and more yellow like the recent Creatology ensemble we got at Michael's!"

"Oh wow! It's an actual yoga outfit!! Heather Doll loves yoga so this might be one we get in the future!"

"Look! This set of PJ's comes with a stuffed rabbit! How adorable!!" 

Frann wasn't there to buy an outfit though... She wanted to get a pair of shoes like she'd planned. Look at how many cute ones they have in the bin today!!

"Oh, these crystal clear platforms are awfully cute!! But there are also cute white flats and cute tall brown boots and and and..." Frann was blown away by the selection!

"How will I ever choose one pair?!"

Frann had to pet a few of the cute animals they had out too! "Look! It's a bunny!" We have plenty of pets in the doll house though so she knew we couldn't bring more home to the Doll House... At least not today!

Frann liked being able to meet some new friends... I think these gals were pretty alarmed she was all out of the box and exposed to the world but after Frann explained her freedom to them, more than a few were a tiny bit jealous I think... No worries, they will become companion to the perfect girl for them someday! Frann gave them something to look forward to!!

So many possible friends!!

"This Ice Cream bike is a hoot! It'd be fun but so big and where to park it when we don't use it.... Just wish we could buy only the ice creams!!"

This desk is one that Heather and Frann Doll have both been admiring for a while now... It would look so cute in the bedroom with the American Girl Doll bunk beds! Maybe someday!

We already have a Journey Girl White Vanity but this one is pretty cute too!

The school desks are cute but Frann and I agree we think they are a bit short! What do you think?

If space and money were never an issue, this cute stable would be great for the horses in the doll house! It would make for great photos.

We happened to find this adorable baby sibling doll that must be a special release for Easter. So cute!!

We got a few things we will tell you about in a future post... We needed gas on the way home.

Frann loves to watch the people coming and going on the roads... 

That was the end of our Walmart adventure! Stay tuned to future posting for what we purchased!!

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. I actually have the desk! And it's adorable in person. If you ever can get it, you surely should.

    1. I am going to have to at some point because it really is too cute. I keep hoping to find it on sale because I am cheap. LOL Also, Garage Sale season is nearly upon us and I plan to keep my eyes peeled for any and all doll related items. Can't wait! So wish I could bring my doll friends shopping with me but as it is, at least I get to share my excitement with ya'll from far away! <3 <3 <3

  2. Yes, Heather; please always share your excitement!