Sunday, May 1, 2016

Journey Girl Sale at Toys-R-Us!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Toys-R-Us had a 40% off sale on Journey Girls Dolls and accessories!!

So I bought a few things... Hahaha. Imagine that!?

This vanity set was only $15!! It is one I've liked a while but wasn't going to pay full price for. 

It's so neat! It comes fully assembled!

All you have to do is lift it out of the box!

I also bought a couple of outfits... Only opened one so far...

But it's super cute! Here it is on Giovanna... Giovanna? She is the other Journey Girl I bought. She, originally, was like $49.99 and I got her for 23.99! I have another post about her coming, you will have to look for it!

Here are Panda (my daughters 1st AG) and Katniss at the vanity. They are using it as a desk instead... Works well!

Isn't the outfit adorable?

Here is the other one I got... I'll post a photo when I get it modeled on a doll! 

Till then!

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