Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Corolle Les Cheries" 14inch Doll Thrift Shop Find

Hi Doll Friends!

I found a new thrift store in a town close-by to where I live... I had to check it out!!

I found a few fun things but my most exciting find was this little lady.

She was naked as a jaybird when I found her... This is her in a little dress I already owned. 

Here is her neck marking... I wasn't sure who she was but I asked in a doll group on Facebook and had an answer in a hour! 

Sorry for naked doll photos but wanted to show what she looks like body type wise. She is made very much like HeartForHearts doll size and scale wise.

Sadly the 99cent price stickers ink bled through the sticker and stained her chest! Bummer! I may know a way to get stain off..

But for 99cents, she was a steal! Back soon with a post about cleaning her up... Never enough "doll time"!

Till then...

1 comment:

  1. Oh! Heather,
    You are so lucky to get a good item for such a good price.
    I think you will makevoer her perfectly with your magic hands.
    Looking forward to seeing her soon.