Sunday, May 1, 2016

UpCycled Doll Dress From Child's Halloween Costume

Hi Doll Friends!

Sometimes you see an item of clothing and it almost already looks like a doll outfit... Mostly this happens with baby clothes but the other day I found a Halloween costume in what I assume must have been child sized... It didn't have a tag so I can't say what size. However, check this out.

This is the costume totally unaltered. All I needed to do was shorten the shoulder straps and cut off the bottom tier on the skirt. And viola! 

A pretty cute black and white doll dress! I got the costume for 50cents! Can't beat that! 

Been a crazy week here... Puppies are a lot of work!! Slowly adjusting though. So far she is kind of afraid of the dolls... Haha. I'll foster that because it's best she stay away from them! Eh?

Till next time!

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